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Researcher: Wolbang, CM (Miss Carla Wolbang)

Fields of Research

Plant physiology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Environmentally sustainable plant production

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Auxin from the Developing Inflorescence Is Required for the Biosynthesis of Active Gibberellins in Barley Stems; Plant Physiology
Auxin promotes gibberellin biosynthesis in decapitated tobacco plants; Planta
Auxin-gibberellin interactions and their role in plant growth; Journal of Plant Growth Regulation
Auxin-Gibberellin Interactions in Barley
Developmental regulation of the gibberellin pathway in pea shoots; Functional Plant Biology
Gravistimulation leads to asymmetry of both auxin and gibberellin levels in barley pulvini; Physiologia Plantarum
Hormonal regulation of gravitropism in barley stems; IPGSA Conference on Plant Growth Substances
Inheritance of two chlorophyll mutants in Eucalyptus globulus; Silvae Genetica

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision