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Researcher: Rundle, OC (Dr Olivia Rundle)

Research Fields

Family Law
Law and Society
Law and Legal Studies
Legal Practice, Lawyering and the Legal Profession
Criminal Law and Procedure
Human Rights Law
Litigation, Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
Labour Law
Human Resources Management

Research Impact

Justice and the Law
Expanding Knowledge in Law and Legal Studies
Legal Processes
Law, Politics and Community Services
Expanding Knowledge in the Information and Computing Sciences
Expanding Knowledge in History and Archaeology
Civil Justice
Workplace Safety

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

2013 LEADR Practitioner Award for Significant Contribution to Australian Dispute Resolution
A Bank v Coleiro; Family Law Review
A Critique of Facebook’s Dispute Systems Design: Procedural Fairness and the Problem of Power
A method to unlock hidden research expertise: making “failure” visible; Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network Roundtable
A spectrum of contributions that lawyers can make to mediation; Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal
ADR in Legal Education and Promoting Student Wellbeing; ADR in Legal Education and Promoting Student Wellbeing Forum
Advisors’ influence on negotiations
An examination of relationship registration schemes in Australia; Australian Journal of Family Law
Applying the inclusive model of ethical decision making to mediation; James Cook University Law Review
Australian Birth Certificates: The best interests of no one at all; Australian Journal of Family Law
Barking Dogs: Lawyer Attitudes Towards Direct Disputant Participation in Court-Connected Mediation of General Civil Cases; Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal
Biomedical ethics in regards to surrogacy
Commissioner of taxation v Darling; Family Law Review
Court-connected mediation programmes: implications for courts and the legal profession; Non-Adversarial Justice: Implications for the Legal System and Society
Craig v Rowlands; Family Law Review
Creating a Healthy Group Work Learning Environment in Law Classes; QUT Law Review
Delamarre v Asprey; Family Law Review
Dialogues Between Legal Practitioners and Family Dispute Resolution Providers; Law Letter
Dispute Resolution Units in the Law Degree; ADR Research Forum
Drew v Vickery; Family Law Review
Engagement, Experience and Examination: Some Challenges in Teaching Civil Procedure; Civil Justice Research and Teaching Workshop
Evaluating dispute resolution; Law Letter
Explaining Diversity of Lawyers’ Participation; National Mediation Conference
Faculty ‘Wellbeing Coordinator’; National Wellness for Law Forum
Following the Legislative Leaders: Judicial Recognition of Same Sex Couples in Australia and New Zealand; Same-Sex Couples before National, Supranational and International Jurisdictions
Forster v Forster; Family Law Review
Franklin v Franklin; Family Law Review
Gladau V Gladau; Family Law Review
Hall V Hall; Family Law Review
High Court interprets WA provsions for legal recognition of reassigned gender; Australian Health Law Bulletin
How court-connection and lawyers' perspectives have shaped court-connected mediation practice in the Supreme Court of Tasmania
In the High Court spousal maintenance and “financial resources”: hall v hall; Family Law Review
JACKSON v MACEK; Family Law Journal
JANSSEN v JANSSEN; Family Law Journal
Jonah v White; Family Law Review
Jurchenko v Foster; Family Law Review
Khalil v Tahir-Ahmadi; Family Law Review
Law lags as Aussies employ overseas surrogate mums
Lawyers' participation in mediation and professional ethical disposition; Legal Ethics
Lawyers' perspectives on 'what is court-connected mediation for?'; International Journal of The Legal Profession
Lawyers' preparation for Court-Connected Mediation: The Supreme Court of Tasmania; University of Tasmania Law Review
Lawyers’ Participation in Mediation and Ethical Disposition: building inter-professional understanding; ADR Research Symposium
Legal Collaboration: How can we Teach Law Graduates to better work with others?; Law Letter
Legal Collaboration: Unpacking the Threshold Learning Outcome for Law (TLO 5(b)) in the Complexity of Modern Legal Practice and Legal Education
Legal Collaboration: Unpacking the Threshold Learning Outcome for Law (TLO 5(b)) in the Complexity of Modern Legal Practice and Legal Education; Australian Law Teachers Association Conference
Legal issues regarding same sex marriage
Love ‘em, keep ‘em, leave ‘em: (non) application of de facto relationship laws to clandestine intimate relationships; Alternative Law Journal
Making research “failure” visible: unlocking hidden expertise
Mediation for Lawyers; CCH Australia
Norton v Locke; Family Law Review
On Mediation, Legal Representatives and Advocates” by Bobette Wolski
Palmer v Palmer; Family Law Review
Palmer v Palmer; Family Law Review
Parentage Laws under the Family Law Act
Practice-centric learning in the law degree; Teaching Matters
Re Jamie; Family Law Review
Re Rosie (Special Medical Procedure); Family Law Review
Saintclaire V Saintclaire; Family Law Review
Salah v Salah; Family Law Review
Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law: Social and legal issues facing individuals, couples and families; Thomson Reuters
Simulation of Authentic Practice Experiences in Civil Procedure Classes; Civil Justice Forum
Social media related workplace dispute settles on eve of trial
Some ponderings on “merit” and decision making
Stanford v Stanford; Family Law Review
Teaching Matters; Teaching Matters
Teaching self-reflection to law students in a dispute resolution unit; Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal
The Problematic Judicial View of Gender Diversity; UniSA Student Law Review
The purpose of court-connected mediation from the legal perspective; ADR Bulletin
Transforming Lawyer Perspectives of Their Client's Role in Mediation: What Mediators Should Know; 9th National Mediation Conference 2008.
Transnational Surrogacy: mapping the issues; 15th National Family Law Conference
UnitingCare - Unifam Counselling and Mediation v Harkiss (Disclosure of family counselling communications); Family Law Review
Unpacking the “adversarial advocate
Vadisanis v Vadisanis; Family Law Review
Wilson v Roberts (No 2); Family Law Review
Zeller v Whitby; Family Law Review
’Friendly discussion’ as a condition precedent to arbitration

Research Projects

2012: Family Law Conference, Hobart; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Drawing together legal and management expertise to develop practice guidelines for lawyers and HR managers about organisational obligations re providing a psychologically safe workplace; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Family Law Duty Lawyer Scheme - Evaluation and Review
Forced Marriage as a Crime Against Humanity- Its Genesis, Viability and Future
Permanent Care Options for Children in Tasmania