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Researcher: Zika, P (Mr Paul Zika)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Urban and regional planning
Art history, theory and criticism
Computer gaming and animation
Visual cultures
Design history, theory and criticism
Cinema studies
Photography, video and lens-based practice
Performance art
Other language, communication and culture
Other creative arts and writing
Human geography
European history (excl. British, classical Greek and Roman)

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Public services policy advice and analysis
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Other construction
Other culture and society
Other environmental management

Career Best Publications

Disorientate - colour, geometry and the body; Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania
Sicilian Arabesques
The Topography of Decoration; Changing Geographies: Australia and the Millenium

Research Publications

Liquid Voices - Anne Morrison
A World Between: A Survey of Prints by Milan Milojevic
Cornucopia 1 (1998); Cornucopia 5 (2000); Cornucopia 6 (2000)
Dale Hickey: Life in a Box
Death and Decoration
Disorientate - colour, geometry and the body; Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania
Disorientate - colour, geometry and the body
Documentation of place and contemplation, Black Australia/White Australia 1983-4
Domain arabesque
Elizabeth Mall Paving Design
Elizabeth Mall Redevelopment
Full Frontal: Images from within the studio
Jamboree:Works by Mandy McIntosh
Journeys: through history, theory and practice
Looking South
Painting Tasmanian Landscape
Painting Tasmanian Landscape
Pattern as Subject
Paul Zika
Paul Zika: Bolivian Weave
Paul Zika: Home and Away - reconstructing artifice
Paul Zika: Roman Weave
Plimsoll Gallery: a working model; Rhapsody 21C: A Conference on the Future of University Museums and Art Galleries in the New Century
Re:Search. Tony Bishop, Wilma Tabacco and Philip Watkins
Sicilian Arabesques
Sicilian Arabesques II
So many things can happen in one minute
Tangibility? Three Installations
Terme’ series (#4 – 14) Exhibitions
The Barcelona Studio: Fragments of a Brief History
The Brassington Affair
The Topography of Decoration; Changing Geographies: Australia and the Millenium
Tokyo: Floating World
Working Together ( to the Tune Of ...); ACUADS 2010 Annual Conference

Research Projects

A Survey and Critical Analysis of Solo Exhibitions in Australian Public Galleries 1975-2000; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Art Exhibitions Programme; Arts Tasmania (AT)
International Artist Exchange Residency Tasmania-Ireland (Pilot Stage 2); Arts Tasmania (AT)
Supplementary funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The Shifting Locus of Artistic Practice: A Survey and Critical Analysis of Solo Exhibitions in Australian Public Galleries, 1970-2000; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

A Re-contextualisation of Gesture in Contemporary Abstract Painting it sustained its relevance in contemporary painting?
A re-presentation of object phenomena
A Shifting Facade- An Exploration of the Zone Between Actual and Illusionary Form
Beyond flesh- an investigation of the representations of the human body which exist beyond the boundaries of the 'normal'.
Collaborating with Nature- Reinterpreting Human Ecology
Constructed Situations- Socialising a Sculptural Practice
Design Emergence- Beyond Modernist Orthodoxies in Colour/Form Painting
Developing a Visual Language That Engages With Contemporary Dissent and Critical Opinion
Enchanted World- a visual investigation into the space of seduction
Fabricating the Aesthetics of Mass through the Machine Made Multiple
Food for Thought- a visual investigation of the nature-culture dichotomy as manifested in "farm" animals
Geometric Abstraction From DIY- An Investigation of Labour, the Handmade and Creative Negotiations with Industrial Materials, Processes and Fabrication Techniques in Contemporary Geometric Art
Heaven's Above-Celestial Ceilings- A Contemporary Paragon of Apotheosis
Homegroan girls- a visual investigation into the bad girl stereotype within popular soft porn website culture
In The Frame- A visual exploration of the Low Art framework and High/Low dialectics of contemporary literary crime fiction through painting and multi-media assemblage.
Inside Reductive Abstraction (still)- Sensation, Visual Perception, Memory and the Aesthetic Experience of the Object
Interiors from the Mind- Pictorial Illusionism within Painting
Language, Knowledge and Subjectivity- a new visual interpretation
Love and Longing, Death and Desire, and Feminine Place- A Contemporary Practice Informed by Victorianism and Colonial Tasmania
Mapping Technological Causality- A Visual Exploration into Processes of Technological and Informational Overload
More Minimal Conditions for Painting
Navigating Hell and Paradise- An exploration of cultural identity
Of Things Dark and Distant- Mythic Unknowing through Installation Practice
Painting a Visual Language that Interprets my Personal World
Painting and the Family Photograph- A Visual Narrative Exploring the Shifting space of Childhood
Pattern as a decorative device juxtaposed with artistic elements of an alternative aesthetic (Mixed Media)
Perception and the function of retrospection- A visual investigation
Potency of the Invisible- An Exploration into Urban Symbiotics Through Installation Practice
Problems with Nature - Sculptural Installation and the Culture/Nature Paradox
Re-adjusting a visualization of feminity to take into account the androgynous state of mind beneath the surface of contempary life
Reinterpreting Pattern and Decoration in Contemporary Painting
Reinventing Rapport- An Investigation of the Mother-Daughter Dyad within Contemporary Figure Painting
Render me naked- the painted self and the spectator
Saint Sebastian and the Wounded Forest - Painting a Personal Relationship with the Tasmanian Landscape
Spatial Hysteresis- Glimpses of Our Yielding Place
Suspension of Presence - An Exploration of the Interconnectedness of the Body, Space and Time
Systematizing Randomness- A new decorative order
The Allure of the Serial
The Lineage of Eccentricity
The power of the flower - the genre of flower painting and the relevance of the flower within Australian art to act as a signifier for culture and nationhood.
The Production and Consumption of the Sexually Explicit; A Painterly Exploration into the Pornification of Culture
The Re-Animated World- Creating a Visual Language in Paint for the Collision, Explosion and Convergence of Elemental Forces in Natural and Man-Made Environments
The role of Mythology in the Tasmanian wilderness landscape
The space of the screen and contemporary ambivalence- an innovative analysis of contemporary painterly pictorial construction
The Urge to Appropriate- Internalising Appropriation Through Hybrid Studio Practice
Transforming histories- The visual disclosure of contentious pasts
Transitions and transmutations - an experiential journey through form, light and shadow
Visions of Enchantment- Fictions of Intimacy within Contemporary Art
Visual Hybrids and the Mediation of Post-Globalised Culture- a painterly investigation into alternative modes of engagement that promote cultural subversion
Visual narrative within the medium of painting
Visual Virtuosity - Contemporary Quadratura Painting- An Allegory of a Portrait