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Researcher: Statham, HL (Mrs Helen Statham)

Fields of Research

Crop and pasture protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds)
Wildlife and habitat management
Animal protection (incl. pests and pathogens)
Agricultural land management
Farm management, rural management and agribusiness
Horticultural crop protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds)

Research Objectives

Pasture, browse and fodder crops
Sown pastures (excl. lucerne)
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Other animal production and animal primary products

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

1080 Alternatives in Tasmania - Baiting Strategies; Australian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Advancing a humane alternative to sodium fluoroacetate (1080) for wildlife management - welfare and wallaby control; Wildlife Research
Alternatives to 1080 poison for control of native animals in Tasmania: A response to public concerns; 24th Vertebrate Pest Conference
Day Use of Nest Sites by the Tasmanian Bettong (Bettongia Gaimardi); Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
Effects of wildlife grazing on the production, ground cover and plant species composition of an established perennial pasture in the Midlands region, Tasmania; Wildlife Research
Feratox ® as a humane control agent for wallabies in Tasmania; 24th Vertebrate Pest Conference
Movements of fallow deer (Dama dama) in Tasmania and the effects of population sampling on dispersal; 12th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference
Wallaby Proof Fencing : A planning guide for Tasmanian primary producers

Research Projects

Additional Grant Funding Proposal for Research Under the Alternatives to 1080 Program; Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas)

Research Candidate Supervision