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Researcher: Moltow, DT (Dr David Moltow)

Fields of Research

Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Other education
Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogy
LOTE, ESL and TESOL curriculum and pedagogy
Education assessment and evaluation
Public administration
Humanities and social sciences curriculum and pedagogy (excl. economics, business and management)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curriculum and pedagogy
Secondary education
Specialist studies in education
Curriculum and pedagogy
Educational administration, management and leadership
Legal theory, jurisprudence and legal interpretation
Environmental philosophy
Special education and disability
Police administration, procedures and practice
Health promotion
Decision making
Courts and sentencing
Correctional theory, offender treatment and rehabilitation

Research Objectives

Policies and development
Learner and learning
Public services policy advice and analysis
Inclusive education
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Criminal justice
The creative arts
Teacher and instructor development
Teaching and curriculum
Social impacts of climate change and variability
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Law enforcement
Justice and the law
Health inequalities
Health education and promotion
Management, resources and leadership
Legal processes

Career Best Publications

Pedagogical symmetry and the cultivation of humanity: Nussbaum, Seneca and symmetry in the teacher-pupil relationship; Arts & Humanities in Higher Education

Research Publications

A groundwork for the ethical distribution of water entitlements; Devonport Regional Art Gallery 'Undercurrent' seminar and exhibition
Australian Indigenous Studies: Research and Practice; Peter Lang
Beyond a typology: Towards a taxonomy of alternative education; Proceedings of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference
Close Distance - Space, time and art; Close Distance Exhibition
Engaged young writers: Dialogic choices beyond NAPLAN; The Future of Educational Research
Evaluative stance in high achieving Year 3 persuasive texts; Linguistics and Education: An International Research Journal
Excellence in ethics, service, and community: results of the Derwent Valley Council organisational climate study
Exploring the influence of the curriculum on student learning in culturally and ethnically diverse classroom contexts: praxis, paradoxes and perspectives of stakeholders; Waikato Journal of Education
Exploring the intersections between philosophy and civics and citizenship education in Australia; 2015 International conference on redesigning pedagogy / 11th International CitizED Conference & Arts, Humanities and Literature Conference 2015
Fostering Integrity: Report on the implementation of Speak up in the Tasmanian public sector
Mathematics education as a practice in pursuit of [intellectual] excellence; The 39th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education
Mind Your Language Exploring Studentsí Motivations Concerning Elective Second Language Learning; What is Next in Educational Research?
Mind Your Language: Exploring Students' Motivations Concerning Elective Second Language Learning; What is Next in Educational Research?
Pedagogical symmetry and the cultivation of humanity: Nussbaum, Seneca and symmetry in the teacher-pupil relationship; Arts & Humanities in Higher Education
Research Merit Certificate for Very Good Contribution
The doli incapax rebuttal and its meta-ethical complications; Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference
The aesthetic perspective: Terror, trasgedy and the value of art; 2006 Cradle Coast Research Forum
The Role of Animals in the Values Development of Children; What is Next in Educational Research?
Truthfulness, open-mindedness and evidence: seeking the intellectual virtues in school mathematics; 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education
Understanding The Complexities of Disengagement Through a Symbolic Interactionist lens; European Conference on Education and Research,
ĎIt is my decision, and itís really up to me. But they wanted me to do ití: an exploration of choice in enrolling in a reengagement programme; International Journal of Inclusive Education

Research Projects

English for the educational pathway; Department of Communities Tasmania (DoC TAS)
How do police educators perceptions of young peoples engagement in education inform their instructional practice?; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Making Connections, Guiding migrants on the educational pathway; Department of Communities Tasmania (DoC TAS)
Mathematical foundations for migrant learning; Department of Communities Tasmania (DoC TAS)
The development of mathematical concepts and skills through PASMAP and its potential to foster intellectual dispositions in children and teachers in the early years of school.; Catholic Education - South Australia (CESA)
Analysis of the uptake and impact of the Speak Up campaign
Derwent Valley Council Organisational Climate Review
Early Years Intervention Autism Centre Evaluation Project
Ethical Health Benchmarking Project
Improving Literacy and Numeracy across Years 5 to 8 in response to the outcomes of the NAPLAN results in Years 7 and 9

Research Candidate Supervision

A Philosophical Examination & Analysis of Epistemologies & Ontologies Entailed by Pedagogical Constructivism
At a Crossroads, Which Way Do I Go? Pre-tertiary or VET, the Students' Perspectives
Can Teaching Ethical Principles, Values and Decision Making Models in an Upper Secondary Educational Setting Develop Active Ethical Awareness
Evaluating a Technology Program in Secondary Schools in Trinidad and Tobago
Experiential learning for Counsellors in a higher education setting- the correlation between the developmental attachment theory's 'secure base' construction and its effects on adult learning.
Review and Change in a Tongan Education System
The Collaboration Between Higher Learning Institution and Vocational Education and Training (VET) system Improved the VET and makes Higher Education More Accessible to Low Socioeconomic Group (LSEG), A Malaysian Perspective
The Magone Program - an Intervention Model for Disengaged Students
The Semiotics of Game Authoring
The Teaching and Assessment of Students Ethical Behaviour- An Inverstigation of the Role of Humane Education and Animal Ethics for Teaching Ethical Behaviour in Realtion Australia
The value of LOTE in schools- is second language learning truly beneficial for our students?