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Researcher: Davis, BW (Associate Professor Bruce Davis)

Fields of Research

International relations
Public policy
Research, science and technology policy
Political science
Other Indigenous studies
Economic geography
Architectural heritage and conservation
Natural resource management
Recreation, leisure and tourism geography

Research Objectives

Other environmental management
Expanding knowledge in human society
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
International relations
Other energy
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Australian Planner December 1981, Eco-Action: Does It Educate Or Divide?; Australian Planner
Achieving Sustainable Development: Scientific Uncertainty and Policy Innovation in Tasmanian Regional Development; Australian Journal of Public Administration
Adaption and Deregulation in Public Enterprise: The Hydro-Electric Commission of Tasmania; Australian Journal of Public Administration
Antarctica Offshore: a Cacophony of Regimes?; Antarctic CRC
ATS Decision-making and Change: The Role of Domestic Politics in Australia; Governing the Antarctic: The Effectiveness and Legitimacy of the Antarctic Treaty System
Australian Oceans Policy: Implications for Marine Environmental Management; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
Coastal and Maritime Zone Planning and Management - The Relationship Between Australia and the Southern Ocean and Antarctica; Coastal and Maritime Zone Planning and Management: Transnational and Legal Considerations
Contemporary ocean and coastal management issues in Australia and New Zealand: an overview; Ocean & Coastal Management
Formal Education on Antarctica and its Conservation: Australasian, UK and US Initiatives; SCAR/IUCN Workshop on Environmental Education and Training, 26-29 April 1993
Getting National Ocean Acts Together; Oceans Law and Policy in the Post-UNCED Era: Australian and Canadian Perspectives
Introduction - The Evolving Ocean Agenda: From Maritime Rights to Ecosystem Responsibilities; Oceans Law and Policy in the Post-UNCED Era: Australian and Canadian Perspectives
Issues in Australia's Marine and Antarctic Policies; Proceedings of the Departmental Public Policy Seminar Series
Land-based activities: what remains to be done; Ocean & Coastal Management
Oceans Law and policy in the Post-UNCED Era: Australian and Canadian Perspectives; Kluwer
Overlapping Maritime Regimes: an Initial Reconnaissance; Antarctic CRC
Re-inventing Offshore Australia: Oceans Policy in the Post-UNCED Era; Australian Geographer
Regional Action on Land-sourced Marine Pollution in Southeast Asia: an Initial Reconnaissance; International Boundaries and Environmental Security: Frameworks for Regional Cooperation
The legitimacy of CCAMLR; Governing the Antarctic
The Management of Tourism and Historic Sites and Monuments; Polar Tourism: Tourism in the Antarctic and Antarctic Regions
The Regime Applicable to Areas of Common Concern; Sustainable Development and Preservation of the Oceans: The Challenges of UNCLOS and Agenda 21
The Relationship Between Australia and the Southern Ocean and Antarctica; Coatal and Martime Zone Planning and Management: Transnational and Legal Considerations
Towards an integrated management strategy for Antarctic Tourism; Symposium on Polar Tourism, 18-21 August 1996

Research Projects

Canada, Australia and Maritime Cooperation: Oceans Policy inthe post UNCED era; Canadian High Commission (CHC)
Integrated management strategy - historic sites and monuments of the AAT; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Legal and Policy Aspects of Global Environmental Management; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Materials Conservation field testing of trial coatings and other items for potential use in the Preservation of Mawson's huts at Cape Denison; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Non-State actors in Antarctic policy; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Non-state actors in Antarctic policy; Australian Research Council (ARC)
SE Asian maritime regimes, post cold-war order and implementation of UNCED's agenda 21; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The politics of polar regimes: a convergence of the extremes?; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Tourism in Antarctica and the subantarctic islands: sociological analysis and policy implications; Office of Antarctic Affairs (OAA)

Research Candidate Supervision

Combatting marine pollution from land-based activities- Post UNCED initiatives
Incorporating indigenous interests in marine and coastal policy
Innovative approaches to the management of marine living resources- CCAMLR and related regimes
Integrated Marine Management of the E E Z
Managing Antarctic tourism
Middle Powers in the Modern State System
Reshaping international cooperation in Polar Management
The preservation of historic sites in polar regions