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Researcher: Dalton, PJ (Mr Patrick Dalton)

Fields of Research

Plant and fungus systematics and taxonomy
Terrestrial ecology
Evolutionary biology
Plant biology
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander environmental knowledges
Conservation and biodiversity
Plant developmental and reproductive biology
Landscape ecology
Palaeontology (incl. palynology)

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Terrestrial biodiversity
Other environmental management
Native forests
Assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Hypnodendron comosum - community in Tasmania; Nova Hedwigia
Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus (Hedw.) Warnst. (Bryophyta, Hylocomiaceae) in Australasia; Nova Hedwigia
Tayloria gunnii - sex life revealed
Vandiemenia ratkowskiana Hewson (Marchantiophyta): a revised description and reassessment of its taxonomic status ; Journal of Bryology
A preliminary assessment of the conservation and reservation status of Tasmanian bryophytes
A preliminary assessment of the conservation and reservation status of Tasmanian bryophytes. A report from the Parks and Wildlife Service for the Regional Forest Agreement Process
A preliminary phylogenetic study on bryophytes based on large-scale dataset of chloroplast rbcL gene sequence; IAB World Conference of Bryology 2007
A reconsideration of Pleurophascum (Musci: Pleurophascaceae) and specific status for a New Zealand endemic, Pleurophascum ovalifolium stat. et nom. nov; New Zealand Journal of Botany
A species list for the bryophytes and ferns occurring as epiphytes on Tasmanian tree ferns; Hikobia
Cryptogamic diversity on coarse woody debris; Old Forests, New Management Conference: Conservation and use of old-growth forests in the 21st century
Distance, environmental and substrate factors impacting recovery of bryophyte communities after harvesting; Applied Vegetation Science
Does moisture affect the partitioning of bryophytes between terrestrial and epiphytic substrates within cool temperate rain forests?; Bryologist
Ecological Studies on Tasmanian Bryophyta
Epiphytic ferns and bryophytes of Tasmanian tree-ferns: A comparison of diversity and composition between two host species; Austral Ecology
Exotic mosses in Tasmania; TasWeeds
FernFlip: Life size guide to the common ferns of Tasmania
Impact of distance to mature forest on the recolonisation of bryophytes in a regenerating Tasmanian wet eucalypt forest; Australian Journal of Botany
Mosses from Early Pleistocene sediments in western Tasmania; Alcheringa
New Locality Records for some rare Mosses in Tasmania; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
New records of Rhabdodontium buftonii (Broth. & Geh.) Broth. (Bryopsida: Pterobryaceae) in Tasmania; Hikobia
Non-Vascular Plants; Vegetation of Tasmania
Non-Vascular Plants; Vegetation of Tasmania
Seligeria cardotii R.Br., a new moss record for Tasmania; New Zealand Journal of Botany
Spore germination and early gametophyte development of the soft tree fern Dicksonia antarctica. ; Tasforests
Succession of mosses, liverworts and ferns on coarse woody debris, in relation to forest age and log decay in Tasmanian wet eucalypt forest; Forest Ecology and Management
Successional patterns of terrestial bryophytes along a wildfire chronosequence in the wet eucalypt forests of southern Tasmania; Tasforests
Temporal persistence of edge effects on bryophytes within harvested forests; Forest Ecology and Management
The effectiveness of streamside versus upslope reserves in conserving log-associated bryophytes of native production forests; Forest Ecology and Management
The phylogenetic position of Vandiemenia ratkowskiana (Metzgeriales, Marchantiophyta); Hikobia
Wood-inhabiting macrofungal assemblages in 43-year-old regenerating wet Eucalyptus Obliqua L'Hér. Forest; Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart. Papers and Proceedings

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Cryptogam Succession in Relation to Forest Age and Log Decay Progression in Tasmanian Wet Eucalypt Forest
The application of morphometrics to the taxonomy of Tasmanian ferns
The Effects of Forest Influence on Vascular and Non-Vascular Plants