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Researcher: Cas, R (Professor Ray Cas)

Fields of Research

Mineralogy and crystallography
Resource geoscience

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Mining and extraction of energy resources
Geothermal exploration
Precious (noble) metal ore exploration
Copper ore exploration

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

2.7 Ga plume associated VHMS mineralization in eastern goldfields superterrane, Yilgarn Craton: insights from the low temperature and shallow water, Ag-Zn-(Au) nimbus deposit; Precambrian Research
Complex variations during a caldera-forming Plinian eruption, including precursor deposits, thick pumice fallout, co-ignimbrite breccias and climactic lag breccias: The 184 ka Lower Pumice 1 eruption sequence, Santorini, Greece; Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
High magma decompression rates at the peak of a violent caldera-forming eruption (Lower Pumice 1 eruption, Santorini, Greece); Bulletin of Volcanology
Low-temperature emplacement of phreatomagmatic pyroclastic flow deposits at the monogenetic Mt Gambier volcanic complex, South Australia, and their relevance for understanding some deposits in diatremes; Journal of the Geological Society
The fracture behaviour of volcanic glass and relevance to quench fragmentation during formation of hyaloclastite and phreatomagmatism; Earth-Science Reviews
The initiation and development of a caldera-forming Plinian eruption (172 ka Lower Pumice 2 eruption, Santorini, Greece); Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
Volcanic successions associated with ore deposits: facies characteristics and ore-host relationships; The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes

Research Projects

Exploration targeting from next-generation volcanic facies reconstruction; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision