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Researcher: Lester, EA (Professor Libby Lester)

Fields of Research

Communication and media studies
Media studies
Environmental communication
Journalism studies
Communication studies
Social change
Environmental sociology
Australian government and politics
Arts and cultural policy
Public health nutrition
Urban sociology and community studies
Other Indigenous studies
Social policy
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural history
Public health
Nutrition and dietetics
Political economy and social change
Sociology of gender
Performance art
Family and household studies
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the law
Population trends and policies
Environment policy
Media industry studies
Cultural studies
Marketing management (incl. strategy and customer relations)
Recreation, leisure and tourism geography
Applied sociology, program evaluation and social impact assessment
Marketing communications
Forestry management and environment
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
Australian history
Environmental education and extension
Corporate governance
Impacts of tourism
Visual arts
Welfare economics
Public law
Other education
Screen media
Environmental politics
Tree improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Industry economics and industrial organisation
Fisheries management
Rural sociology
Environmental management
Natural resource management
Physical oceanography

Research Objectives

The media
Expanding knowledge in human society
Structure, delivery and resourcing
Communication across languages and culture
Social impacts of climate change and variability
Other environmental management
Employment patterns and change
Public services policy advice and analysis
Political systems
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Pacific Peoples community services
The creative arts
Other law, politics and community services
Trade and environment
Health status (incl. wellbeing)
Gender and sexualities
Carers' support
Ability and disability
Workforce transition and employment
Behaviour and health
Aquaculture fin fish (excl. tuna)
Assessment and management of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystems
Socio-cultural issues in tourism
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Organised sports
Other plant production and plant primary products
Management and productivity
Conserving the historic environment
Social class and inequalities
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Other education and training
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to land and environment
Community services
Hardwood plantations
Environmental education and awareness
Other culture and society
Economic issues in tourism
Hospitality services
Softwood plantations
Public sector productivity
Environmentally sustainable animal production
Climate change mitigation strategies
International political economy (excl. international trade)
Understanding Australia's past
Publishing and print services
Primary products from animals

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

(Not) saving the Great Barrier Reef from disaster: Media then and now; Communicating Endangered Species: Extinction, News and Public Policy
A freelance-based foreign exchange programme: Tasmanian students’ professional development on WORLDREP; Australian Journalism Review
An analysis of intrinsic impact and visitor engagement in the visual arts; 12th International Colloquium on Non-Profit, Arts, Heritage, and Social Marketing
Attitudes towards compliance and restrictions
Attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination
Audience perspectives on paying for local news: a regional qualitative case study; Journalism Studies
Between public and brand engagement: communicating an ecological crisis; The 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference
Big Tree, small news: Media access, symbolic power and strategic intervention; Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism
Building Population Resilience in Tasmania: The Pandemic and Beyond
Citizens and Science: Media, Communication and Conservation; Conservation Research, Policy and Practice
Climate patriots? Concern over climate change and other environmental issues in Australia; Public Understanding of Science
Coal versus coral: Australian climate change politics sees the Great Barrier Reef in court; Queensland Review
Complementary Problems, Competing Risks: Climate Change, Nuclear Energy and the Australian; Comparative Journalism Studies Conference
Complementary Problems, Competing Risks: Climate Change, Nuclear Energy and The Australian; Climate Change and the Media
Conference Proceedings ; Comparative Journalism Studies
Consumer Perceptions of Locally Grown Produce During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Consumer Perceptions of Locally Grown Produce During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Containing spectacle in the transnational public sphere; Environmental Communication
Containment and Reach: The changing ecology of environmental communication: News and new media roles; Routledge Handbook of Environmental Communication
Contemporary challenges in environmental governance: technology, governance and the social licence; Environmental Policy and Governance
Contesting Wilderness: Media, Movement and Environmental Conflict in Tasmania
Country Studies: Australia; Climate Change in the Media: Reporting Risk and Uncertainty
Creativity, culture and the arts during COVID-19
Domain: a contested landscape, Exhibition, Ten Days on the Island. Artists: Lisa Anderson, Lucy Bleach, Joy Barber, Patricia Brassington, Lindsay Broughton, Steven Carson, Linda Erceg, Ruth Frost, Megan Keating, Milan Milojevic, Brigita Ozolins, Geoff Parr, Troy Ruffels, Marie Sierra, David Stephenson, Lucia Usmiani, John Vella, Martin Walch and Paul Zika
Eco-media; Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy
Ecomedia: Of Angelic Images and Environmental Values; Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy
Edited Volume of Conference Proceedings of Imaging Nature: Media, Environment and Tourism, Cradle Mountain, 27-29 June 2004; Imaging Nature: Environment, Media and Tourism. An Interdisciplinary Conference
Environment and human rights activism, journalism and 'the new war'; Routledge Companion to Media & Human Rights
Environmental Conflict and the Media; Peter Lang
Environmental groups treading the discursive tightrope of social license: Australian and Canadian cases compared; International Journal of Communication
Environmental leaders and Indigenous engagement in Australia: a cosmopolitan enterprise?; Conservation and Society
Environmental pollution and the media: political discourses of risk and responsibility in Australia, China and Japan; Routledge
Environmental Protest and Tap-dancing with the Media in the Information Age; Media, Culture and Society
Environmental Protest and Tap-Dancing with the Media in the Information Age; Media and the Environment: Critical Concepts in the Environment
Environmental Reporting
Environmental Sustainability; Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies
Expanding Journalism Studies in a Competitive Environment; Australian Journalism Review
Experiences and opinions about living and travelling in Tasmania during and after the pandemic
Food insecure households faced greater challenges putting healthy food on the table during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia; Appetite
Foreword in 'The Local and the Digital in Environmental Communication'
Giving Ground: Media and Environmental Conflict in Tasmania; Quintus Publishing
Global Trade and Environmental Protest; Conference on Communication and Environment
Global Trade and Mediatised Environmental Protest: The View From Here; Palgrave Macmillan
Greening Media Sport: Sport and the Communication of Environmental Issues; Communication and Sport
How Bob Brown taught Australians to talk about, and care for, the 'wilderness’
How to solve a problem like Tasmania?
In science we trust? Public trust in IPCC projections and accepting anthropogenic climate change; Public Understanding of Science
Incomplete knowledge, rumour and truth seeking: when conspiracy theories become news; Journalism Studies
Initial findings from the second general survey
Introduction: Environmental Sustainability; Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies
Journalism and Celebrity Politics; Journalism and Meaning-Making: Reading the Newspaper
Journalism and Environmental Futures; Routledge Companion to News and Journalism
Journalism research and practice in Australian Universities; Australian Journalism Review
Journalism, Reflexivity, and the Natural State; Australian Journal of Communication
Journalism, the environment and the new media politics of invisibility; Australian Journalism Review
Justice, politics and the social usefulness of news; Crime, Media, Culture: an international journal
Leadership and the construction of environmental concerns; Palgrave Macmillan
Lost in the Wilderness? Celebrity, Protest and the News; Journalism Studies
Make love, not war?: Radical environmental activism’s reconfigurative potential and pitfalls; Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space
Media and Environment
Media and Environment: Conflict, Politics and the News; Polity Press
Media and social licence: on being publicly useful in Tasmanian forests conflict; Forestry
Media and the Environment; The Media & Communications in Australia
Mediated visibility and public environmental litigation: the interplay between inside and outside court during environmental conflict in Australia; Laws
More work must be done to address gender pay gap issues in Tasmania
No Images from the Forest Frontline: Invisibility in the Internet Age; Island
On Flak, Balance and Activism: The Ups and Downs of Environmental Journalism; Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World
Perceiving environmental science, risk and industry regulation in the mediatised vicious cycles of the Tasmanian salmon aquaculture industry; Social Epistemology
Politics, Power and Online Protest in an Age of Environmental Conflict; Transnational Protests and the Media
Power games: environmental protest, news media and the internet; Media, Culture & Society
Power Games: Environmental Protest, News Media and the Internet; Media and the Environment: Critical Concepts in the Environment
Preliminary report on survey and interview findings from The Tasmania Project
Prevalence and socio-demographic predictors of food insecurity in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic; Nutrients
Proceedings of Imaging Nature: Media, Environment and Tourism; Imaging Nature: Media, Environment and Tourism
Protest, newspapers and the internet
Publicised scrutiny and mediatised environmental conflict: the case of Tasmanian salmon aquaculture; Marine Policy
Quick and Slow Violence: the Age of Billionaire Biodiversity; Amazon: At the Intersection of Culture and Capital
Report for the Premier's Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Committee: The Tasmania Project Wellbeing Survey
Risk, uncertainty and opportunity in climate change coverage: Australia compared; Australian Journalism Review
Saving the Great Barrier Reef from disaster, media then and now; Media Culture and Society
See It Before It’s Too Late? Last-Chance Travel Lists and Climate Change; Climate Change and the Media
Soft journalism, politics and environmental risk: An Australian story; Journalism
Some questions for Simon Birmingham, from two researchers whose ARC grant he quashed
Sources of Information about COVID-19
Southern lights in a gloomy winter
Species of the month: Anti-whaling, mediated visibility, and the news; Environmental Communication
Sport, the environment and climate change – A note from Australia
Talking Point: Markets keep keen eye on war
Talking Point: Tasmanians still wary about opening our borders
Tasmanian tales: when celebrity falls flat
Tasmanians enjoying spring, but borders open next week
The Climate Gaze; Journalism from the margins to the mainstream: JERAA Annual Conference
The Climate Gaze and Koalas in Extremis; Intimate Relations: Communicating (in) the Anthropocene
The Election that Forgot the Environment? Issues, EMOs, and the Press in Australia; International Journal of Press/Politics
The invisible architecture of creative and cultural work: the relationship between miscategorisation and sector wellbeing during COVID-19; Creative Industries Journal
The new normal for food insecurity? A repeated cross-sectional survey over 1 year during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia; The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
The power of the unseen: environmental conflict, the media and invisibility; Media Culture and Society
The View from Here: Transnational Environmental Conflict for a Mediatised Age; Conference on Communication, Culture and Media Studies
Theorizing the enactment of mediatized environmental conflict; The International Communication Gazette
Third General Survey – Summary of Findings
Three challenges for environmental communication research; Environmental Communication
Towards a Shared Understanding and Articulation of a Common Population Outcomes Framework
Tracing environmental sustainability discourses: an Australia-Asia seafood case study; Frontiers in Marine Science
Transational Protests and the Media: Toward Global Civil Society?; Transnational Protests and the Media
Transnational Protests and the Media; Peter Lang
Transnational Protests and the Media: An Introduction; Transnational Protests and the Media
Transnational protests, publics and media participation (in an environmental age); The Routledge Handbook of Environment and Communication
Transnational publics and environmental conflict in the Asian Century; Media International Australia
Tree-Sitting in the Network Society; Environmental Conflict and the Media
Trust, engagement, information and social licence: insights from New Zealand; Environmental Research Letters
Vale the Tally Room
Visualising Climate Change: TV News and Ecological Citizenship; Media and the Environment: Critical Concepts in the Environment
Visualizing Climate Change: Television News and Ecological Citizenship; International Journal of Communication
We Too Are Green: Public Relations, Symbolic Power and the Tasmanian Wilderness Conflict; Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy
Where we source our information about COVID-19
Wilderness and the Loaded Language of News; Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy
Wilderness and the media politics of place branding; Environmental Communication
‘All for One, One for All’: communicative processes of cocreation of place brands through inclusive and horizontal stakeholder collaborative networks; Communication & Society

Research Projects

2017 Research Enhancement Program - Arts ; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Changing Landscapes: Online Media and Politics in an Age of Environmental Conflict; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Community engagement for the Wellbeing Framework and Sustainability Strategy; Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC)
Europe and Australia in the World: Reporting Political, Environment and Social Change (WORLDREP); European Union (EU)
Fields of Green? Sport as a Communication Platform for Environmental Issues; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Future Markets and Social Licence: Issues for the Dairy Industry in Tasmania; DairyTas (DAIRYTAS)
Leadership and the Construction of Environmental Concerns in Australia; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Lost in the Wilderness? Celebrity, Environmental Conflict and the News.; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Media and Environmental Conflict: A Pilot Comparative Study; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Research Enhancement Program (REP) 2018 - CALE; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Research Enhancement Program (REP) 2019 - CALE; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Translation of environmental knowledge to policy: bridging the gap between scientists and societal behaviour change; CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Transnational Environmental Campaigns in the Australia-Asian Region; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Understanding the use of fire by Aboriginal people in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) a literature review; Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC)
COVID-19 safety behavioural change community survey
Devonport data gathering on barriers to women reengaging in the workforce and community
Tasmania Project General Survey 4 on tourism and Tasmania brand
Tasmania Project Vaccine Research
Tasmanian population research partnership
The Tasmania Project Part 2 Employment patterns
The Tasmania Project: Valuing Tasmania's cultural and creative industries through COVID-19 and beyond
The Tasmania Project: Wellbeing
Towards a common wellbeing outcomes framework: creating a shared understanding of conceptual and practical issues
Tracking the state of play in the hospitality and tourism industries in Tasmania
Volunteering Tasmania/The Tasmania Project
Proposal to Internationalise the Curriculum: Media and the Environment

Research Candidate Supervision

A Case Study of (Regional) Place Branding- Tasmania's Complex and Contested Identity, Public Diplomacy Dilemmas and Communication Flows in its Place Branding Strategy towards China
A Comparative Analysis of the Press Coverage of the Whaling Conflict in Australia and Japan in 2005-2006
Communications, Leadership, Identity and the Knitting Nannas in the Lock the Gate social movement
Future Focused Journalism- Idealism and Realism in Tasmania Post-Gunns
Hobart's Domain- An Inalienable Landscape
Hold the Presses- The Vision Unsplendid for Australian Newspapers
Hyperlocal Media, Community Participation and Social Change- A Study of Public Broadcasting and Community Conversations in the Digital Age
Leadership and the Construction of Environmental Concerns in Tasmania
Lolita- Atemporal Class-Play with Tea and Cakes
Media Coverage of the Mohammed Haneef Case in a Postcolonial Context
Mega-protests vs. Mega-projects- Media, Power and Mega-hydro in Chile
Reporting the Third Afghan War- The US and NATO's War in Afghanistan 2001-2009
The Age of Consent- Media, Public Discourse Frameworks and the Last Taboo
The Experience of Early-Career Journalists in 21st Century Regional Newsrooms
The Popular Political Documentary- Case Studies of Magnetic Media
Theistic Existentialism in the Fiction of Tim Winton
To What Extent Does the Daily Print Media in Australia Aid or Hinder the Take-up of Rural Research in the Policy Development Process
Travel Journalism, Cosmopolitan Concern and the Place-Branded Environment
Victims as Media Celebrities
Wellbeing Processes in Communities and Organizations- What Works?