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Researcher: Ramona, Y (Mr Yan Ramona)

Fields of Research

Natural resource management
Horticultural crop improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Microbial ecology
Horticultural crop growth and development
Environmental management

Research Objectives

Paper products and pulp
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Other plant production and plant primary products
Field grown vegetable crops

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessment of Some Antagonists to Fungal Plant Pathogens and Development Methods for their Large Scale Cultivation
Growth Response of Bacterial Antagonists in a Mix of Composted Wood Fibre Waste and Millet Seed under Sterile and Non-sterile Conditions; Journal of Life Sciences
Isolation and cultivation of biocontrol agents effective against Sclerotinia minor root rot of lettuce; TIAR 2001 Annual Presentations
Potential for the Large-Scale Production Of a Biocontrol Fungus In Raw and Composted Paper Mill Waste; Compost Science and Utilization
The making of compost teas - the next generation?; Biocycle USA
The Use of Wood Fibre Waste of Paper Mill Origin as a Possible Carrier for a Fungal Biocontrol Agent Trichoderma sp; 2001 ASM Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition
Utilization of compost for the low-cost production of microbial inhibitors of plant pathogens; Waste Management Institute New Zealand Incorported

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision