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Researcher: Negrin, L (Dr Llewellyn Negrin)

Fields of Research

Gender relations
Visual cultures
Fine arts
Visual arts
Gender studies
Art history, theory and criticism
Cultural theory
Art theory
Art criticism
Consumption and everyday life

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Other culture and society
Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture

Career Best Publications

Appearance and Identity: Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity; Palgrave Macmillan
Art and philosophy Rivals or partners?; Philosophy and social criticism
Cosmetic surgery and the eclipse of identity; Body and Society
Ornament and the feminine; Feminist Theory

Research Publications

The Collectible Eggbeater
A Cheap Shot at Frocks? Reply to Tara Brabazon's 'What Will You Wear to the Revolution? Thatcher's Genderation and the Fashioning of Change'; Hecate: an interdisciplinary journal of women's liberation
Aesthetics: Fashion and Aesthetics - a fraught relationship; Fashion and Art
After a Fashion by J. Finkelstein
Appearance and Identity; Appearance and Identity: fashioning the body in postmodernity
Appearance and Identity: Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity; Palgrave Macmillan
Art and Fine Wine: A Case Study in the Aestheticization of Consumption; Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies
Art and Gastronomy: An analysis of the significance of the new cultural spaces that blur the boundary between art and the food and wine experience; Socioaesthetcis Conference
Art and philosophy Rivals or partners?; Philosophy and social criticism
Art Meets Fashion: A Paradoxical Partnership – The Case of Cindy Sherman's Fashion Photographs; Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference
Body Art and Men's Fashion; Appearance and Identity: fashioning the body in postmodernity
Cosmetic surgery and the eclipse of identity; Body and Society
Cosmetics and the female body. A critical appraisal of poststructuralist theories of masquerade; European Journal of Cultural Studies
Fashion and Art; ACUADS 2010 Annual Conference
Fashion as an Embodied Art Form; Carnal Knowledge Towards a 'New Materialism' through the Arts
Fashion as Art or Art as Fashion?; 6th Global Conference on Fashion
Feminism and fashion: a critical appraisal; Arena Journal
Landmarks and Curiosities
Maurice Merleau-Ponty: The Corporeal Experience of Fashion; Thinking through Fashion: A guide to key theorists
Ornament and the feminine; Feminist Theory
Personal Coercion: A Visual Investigation into a State of Multiculturalism
Rei Kawakubo: Agent Provocateur in a Hyper-Glamourized World; Rei Kawakubo: For and Against Fashion
Review of the Third Text Reader on Art, Culture and Theory; Media International Australia: Culture and Policy
Some thoughts on 'primitive' body decoration; Postcolonial Studies
The Antinomies of Postmodern neo-Classicism; Arena Journal
The Contemporary Significance of 'Pauperist' Style; Theory, Culture and Society
The Contradictory Nature of our Relation to Beauty in Contemporary Culture; The International Journal of the Arts in Society
The dialectical nature of Cindy Sherman’s fashion photographs; Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty
The Meaning of Dress; Arena Journal
The paradox of the Return of the Body in post 1950s Body Art; Survey: Current art and design research and practice within Australian tertiary art and design schools
The Paradoxical Nature of 'Pauperist' Style as Haute Couture; Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues
The Postmodern Gender Carnival; Appearance and identity: fashioning the body in postmodernity
The Self as Image: A Critical Appraisal of Postmodern Theories of Fashion; Theory, Culture & Society
`Cosmetic Surgery as Cultural Practice - a review of Dubious Equalities and Embodied Differences by K. Davis; Theory and Psychology

Research Projects

2009 R1 - SocioAesthetics: A Symposium on aesthetics, Culture and Social Life; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
2012: 4th Global Conference Fashion: Exploring Critical, UK; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

"Unstable Territories" Imagining the Contemporary Ruin as a Site For the Sublime as Framed Through Images Attesting to the Resilience of Nature
An Analysis of the Female Gaze in Visual Art, Research into Gendered Response within Art Practice via Analysis of Contemporary Male and Female Artists
An investigation of the mother-son relationship-towards an understanding of their responses, particularly as the child gains maturity and independence
An investigation of women's self-portraiture and autobiography that deals with experiences of psychic disintegration
Art as Ecological Communication- An Application of Site-Specific Installation Art to Marine Ecosystem Degradation
Artistic Representation of Women and Death- An investigation into Traditional and Contemporary Links Between Women and Death in Art
Aspects of appearance and role playing in contemporary figurative art
Association, Recognition and Place- Imaging the Landscape in Van Diemen's Land 1804-1854
Between and Within- A Functional Investigation into Form and Sensuality
Colonial Art & Craft "Exploring the Feminine response to the Tasmanian landscape through Colonial Arts & Crafts"
Colour Music- Musical Modelling in James McNeill Whistler's Art
Critical investigations into authenticity, authorship and veracity within contemporary photomedia
Dark Matter- Reactivating Myth to Visually Express the Existential Experience of 'The Change'
Domestic Relations- A Visual Critique of Ornamental Restraint and Difference
Extracting Meaning from Strangeness- Strategies to Enhance Viewer Engagement with Contemporary Art in the Public Art Museum
Film Rites- The Aesthetics of Portraying Music on Film - Problems, Styles and Techniques
Fragile Empires- Unstable relations between art and political history in visual appropriations of landscape in the twentieth century.
Future Clan- The Dynamics of Adolescence and Mothers
George Coates- The Forgotten Edwardian, His Art and Life
Hors d'oeuvres- Ornamental decoration and gender
Imagined Portraits- Reviving Figures from Australia's Past
Interactivity, digital media and visual art
Keeping up Appearances- A Photographic Investigation into the Theatricality of the Suburban Domestic Interior
Materialising Ritual- A Visual Investigation of the Evocative Power of Ritual Objects, Through the Medium of Cloth and Thread
Multiculturalism & Identity- A visual investigation
Mythology, popular culture - influences of gender and other aspects
On the Brink of the Abyss
Platforms for Imagination- Interaction with Minimal Furniture Forms
Popular culture in relation to women in rural communities - a historical look.
Printmaking and the Language of Violence
Problems with Nature - Sculptural Installation and the Culture/Nature Paradox
Repetition and Difference- Poetic Invocations of Nature in Visual Art
Resplendent- An Investigation into the Synthesis of Body and Clothing as Sculptural Form
Silent Witnesses- Re-interpreting the Still Life Tradition
Soft Space- contemplative spaces through the modulation of light and form
Souvenirs for a Virtual World- An Exploration of Cultural Meanings Produced in On-Line Toy Crafting Communities
Stealing Public Spaces- interventionist acts of art in public place
The Aystralian way of Still Life - the object in Visual Art
The Beautiful, Durable and Mundane - Exploring Notions of Value in Craft and Design Practice, in the Context of Sustainability
The Book as Metaphor for the Female Self- A Visual Investigation Through the Medium of the Artist's Book
The Code and the Message of Naked Charity Calendars
The Exploration of the Sensory Psychological and Temporal Boundaries of the Body, Through Costume
The Fold, Emily Dickinson and the Religious Imagination
The Gendered Newsroom- Embodied Subjectivity in the Changing World of Media
The Iconography of Contemporary Tibetan Art- Deconstruction, Reconstruction and Iconoclasm
The Politics of Imperfection- the Critical Legacy of Surrealist Anti-colonialism
The Potential of Current Screen-Based Documentary Practice to Represent Issues Relating to Identity and Change
The Referencing of 'Stringed Things' of Belief by Contemporary Artists
The Space of the Australian City- Representations and Contestation (1990-2005)
The Third Space
Truth or Trap
Vena Casa- The defloration of Maternity
Wired and Dangerous- Maternal Bodies in Cyber(cultural)space