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Researcher: Kolka, CM (Miss Cathryn Kolka)

Fields of Research

Systems Physiology
Cardiology (incl. Cardiovascular Diseases)

Research Objectives

Cardiovascular System and Diseases

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Acute blockade by endothelin-1 of haemodynamic insulin action in rats; Diabetologia
Acute glucosamine-induced insulin resistance in muscle in vivo is associated with impaired capillary recruitment; Diabetologia
Adiponectin opposes endothelin-1-mediated vasoconstriction in the perfused rat hindlimb; American Journal of Physiology: Heart and Circulatory Physiology
Endothelial Na+ -D-glucose cotransporter: No Role in Insulin-mediated Glucose Uptake ; Hormone and Metabolic Research
Endothelin-1 as a messenger for insulin has both stimulatory and inhibitory effects on perfused muscle metabolism via its vascular actions; American Diabetes Association, 64th Scientific Sessions
Endothelin-1 vascular and resultant metabolic actions in perfused rat hindlimb are opposed by insulin; 41st EASD Annual Meeting
Factors influencing the hemodynamic and metabolic effects of insulin in muscle; Current Diabetes Reviews
Glucosamine induces acute insulin resistance in muscle in vivo assocaited with impaired capillary recruitment; 41st EASD Annual Meeting
Metabolic and vascular actions of endothelin-1 are inhibited by insulin-mediated vasodilation in perfused rat hindlimb muscle; British Journal of Pharmacology
Potential for endothelin-1-mediated impairment of contractile activity in hypertension; Clinical and Experimental Physiology and Pharmacology
Vascular and metabolic effects of methacholine in relation to insulin action in muscle; Diabetologia

Research Projects

Endothelin-1, type2 diabetes and hypertension; National Heart Foundation (NHF)

Research Candidate Supervision