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Researcher: Rix, KD (Dr Kieren Rix)

Fields of Research

Forestry sciences
Plant developmental and reproductive biology
Horticultural crop growth and development
Plant physiology

Research Objectives

Other plant production and plant primary products
Hardwood plantations
Industrial crops
Stone fruit (excl. avocado)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Cytolin and nose cracking; Victorian Cherry Association Conference 2015
Enhancing the Germination of Eucalyptus Globulus Seeds at Supraoptimal Temperatures
Genetic control of Eucalyptus globulus seed germination; Annals of Forest Science
Germination response of Eucalyptus globulus seeds exposed to low and high temperature stress; Seed Science and Technology
Multiple traits associated with salt tolerance in lucerne: revealing the underlying cellular mechanisms; Functional Plant Biology
Paternal and maternal effects on the response of seed germination to high temperatures in Eucalyptus globulus; Annals of Forest Science
The effect of time of harvest, irrigation treatments and kilning temperature on Eucalyptus globulus seed germination response to high temperature stress; Seed Science and Technology
The impact of flower density and irrigation on capsule and seed set in Eucalyptus globulus seed orchards; New Forests

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision