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Researcher: Young, JMR (Dr John Young)

Fields of Research

Maritime engineering
Social geography
Architectural heritage and conservation
Conservation and biodiversity
Australian history
Human geography
Cultural studies
Forestry management and environment
Applied ethics
Sustainable agricultural development

Research Objectives

Other culture and society
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Conserving the historic environment
Employment patterns and change
Other environmental management
Rights to environmental and natural resources (excl. water allocation)
Expanding knowledge in human society
Conserving collections and movable cultural heritage
Conserving intangible cultural heritage

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Merit' versus 'Value': The case of Egg Island Canal; School of Geography & Environmental Studies Conference, 2010
Editorial: Happy Birthday!
Editorial: Then and Now
Editorial: Thoughts from Abroad
Franklin's working waterfront: A template for sustainable prosperity; School of Geography & Environmental Studies Conference 2011
Hell's Gates. Swiftsure's Film Adventure, September 20-22, 2008: The Log
John Young & Colin Langridge
Living Boat Trust gets busy at Franklin
New Life for rare wood: Huon Pine sailing dinghy building in Tasmania; Maritime life and traditions
Productivity Versus Creativity: Cultural Heritage, Ecology and Economy in Tasmania's Forests; International Small Islands Studies Assciation Islands of the World IX Conference
RPDC Hearing. Representation by Dr John Young, Huonville 16 March 2007 [on the re-zoning of Bowmont House, Franklin]
Saving Quando: How to get off when you run aground
Tawe Nunnugah
Tawe Nunnugah
Tawe Nunnugah 2009
Tawe Nunnugah: a Cultural Rediscovery
Tawe Nunnugah: a Raid with a Difference
Tawe Nunnugah: An amphibious exploration of 'Place'; School of Geography and Environmental Studies Conference 2009
The History of the Egg Island Navigation Canal
Trivialised by Forestry Tasmania
Value adding: One tree exhibition catalouge
Wooden Boat Building in the 21st Century; Signals
Wooden boatbuilding: not a dying art

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Expanding the Knowledge Base on Pro Poor Tourism/Sustainable Tourism Eliminating Poverty (ST~EP) and Developing Soundly Based Structures to Implement ST~EP Projects