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Researcher: Woodroffe, JJ (Dr Jessica Woodroffe)

Fields of Research

Health and community services
Health services and systems
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Primary health care
Rural sociology
Aged health care
Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
Health policy
Other education
Continuing and community education
Higher education
Health promotion
Social policy
Other Indigenous studies
Specialist studies in education
Human geography
People with disability
Education assessment and evaluation
Secondary education
Curriculum and pedagogy
Sociological methodology and research methods
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Community planning
Rural and remote health services
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public health and wellbeing
Education policy
Family and household studies
Health counselling
Education systems
Nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition
Acute care
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Mental health services

Research Objectives

Rural and remote area health
Evaluation of health and support services
Other education and training
Health education and promotion
Pacific Peoples community services
Health related to ageing
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Behaviour and health
Clinical health
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Social structure and health
Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)
Health status (incl. wellbeing)
Learner and learning
Other health
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Terrestrial systems and management
Policies and development
Health policy evaluation
Expanding knowledge in human society
Equity and access to education
Management, resources and leadership
Ageing and older people
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Mental health services
Workforce transition and employment
Health inequalities
Disability and functional capacity
Occupational health
Teaching and instruction technologies
Preventive medicine

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Finding our feet': Walking interviews for qualitative inquiry with older adults; 2015 Qualitative Methods Conference
'Food for Thought' Implementation & development of a new interdisciplinary clinical pathway for obesity management in Tasmania: A Demonstration Project of the vTAHSP
10,000 shortchanged on basic healthcare
A 'RIPPER' Project: advancing rural inter-professional health education at the University of Tasmania; International Electronic Journal of Rural and Remote Health
A grounded theory of interprofessional learning and paramedic care; Journal of Interprofessional Care
A portrait of connection through consultation: Tasmanian senior secondary sport and recreation management students - cross-sectoral partners and the role of authentic and meaningful pedagogy to impact a small island scommunity; International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education
A RIPPER Experience
Beaconsfield Community Health and Wellbeing Map
Building Capacity for Interprofessional Learning in Clinical Placements: Reflections on Developing an Evidence Base for Learning, Teaching and Collaborative Research; Sixth International Clinical Skills Conference
Building Capacity for Rural Health: The Role of Boundary Crosser and the Impact of their Behaviours on Community Readiness Partnerships; PASCAL International Observatory Fourth International Conference
Building capacity for rural health: the role of boundary crossers in coalition maturity for partnerships with external agents; Building stronger communities. Connecting research, policy and practice
Building rural health care teams through interprofessional simulation-based education; Rural Health: the place to be
Campbell Town Health and Community Service Health Map II
Celebrating multidisciplinary practice and learning: three years evaluation of an undergraduate interprofessional rural health education pilot; National Rural Health Conference
Community Health Needs Assessment: A platform for promoting community-university partnerships and research to improve community health and wellbeing; Australasian Journal of University Community Engagement
Community health planning: rural responses to change; The Routledge Companion to Rural Planning
Community health planning: rural responses to change; The Routledge Companion to Rural Planning
Community turns focus to rural health
Critical Incident Technique – A useful method for the paramedic researcher’s toolkit; Australasian Journal of Paramedicine
Current Programs and Future Needs in Health Literacy for Older People: A Literature Review; Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet
Development of a Tool to Evaluate Health Science Students' Experiences of an Interprofessional Education (IPE) Programme; Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Annals
Directing patients to reliable web-based information about genetic cardiac disease: An example using the HONCode; International Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics Conference
Does privatising water make us sick?; Health Sociology Review
Eating and ageing in rural Australia: applying temporal perspectives from phenomenology to uncover meanings in older adults’ experiences; Ageing and Society
Evaluating Engagement with ReThink Autism in Tasmania
Evaluating engagement with ReThink Autism in Tasmania; International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) 10th Scientific Meeting
Evaluating Health Science students' attitudes to interprofessional learning experiences; 5th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference - Medical Education in a Flat World
Exploration of Interprofessional Practice (IPP) and Learning (IPL) in Rural Clinical Settings
Exploring Successful Learning with Lucas and Lily: What Can a School-University Partnership Offer to Enhance the Education of Senior Secondary Students and Prepare Them for What’s Next in Their Learning?; Harnessing the Transformative Power of Education
Final Report, Local Innovations Fund, Building Capacity for Undergraduate Inter-Professional Learning in the Northern Integrated Care Service (NICS)
Food security and insecurity in older adults: A phenomenological ethnographic study; 47th Australian Association of Gerontology Conference
Food Security for older people in rural and regional Australia; Australasian Association of Gerontology 45th National Conference: Ageing: Challenging the boundaries
Furneaux Community Health Needs Assessment
Future Options Baptcare Devonport, Tasmanian Study
General Practitioners’ knowledge and use of genetic counselling in managing patients with genetic cardiac disease in non-specialised settings; Journal of Community Genetics
Have we made a difference to practice?: a 10 year cohort study; OTTAWA Conference 2016
Have your say on health and your community: A new Council Project
Health and wellbeing needs assessment of the communities of Perth, Longford, Evandale and Cressy in the Northern Midlands, Tasmania
Health and Wellbeing Needs Assessment of the communities of Perth, Longford, Evandale and Cressy in the Northern Midlands, Tasmania
Health issues 'mapped' as important planning tool
Health literacy, genetic literacy and outcomes in patients with genetic cardiac disease: A review of the literature; International Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics Conference
Health Map 'Community Feedback Postcard
Health Needs Assessment
Healthy future on Map
High risk of cancer: Circular Head Study
How do regional and rural general practitioners use the Internet to gather patient information?; Australian Journal of Rural Health
i-phone for Info Project
International medical graduates in Australia: a historical perspective (1930-1950s); Medical Journal of Australia
International medical graduates in Tasmania: Issues, and acculturation in the rural and remote context; International Conference Innovative Research in a Changing and Challenging World
International medical graduates: Acculturation issues; SEiR Conference 2011
Kentish Community Health Needs Assessment Project
Kentish Community Learning Plan and Strategy
Knowledge and perceptions of genetic cardiac disease amongst general practitioners: The Tasmanian experience
Learning at home during COVID-19: Effects on vulnerable young Australians. Independent Rapid Response Report
Mapping Community Health Needs and Priorities: Reflections on Community Engagement from the Tasmanian University Department of Rural Health and the Meander Valley Community; Australian Journal of University Community Engagement
Meander Valley Health and Wellbeing Map Project
Neo-Liberal Water Policy and Socio-Environmental Harm; Current Issues in Criminal Justice
Not a Drop to Drink
O'Connor Launches Positive Ageing Strategy
Our health in our hands: Building effective community partnerships for rural health service provision; Rural Society
Partnership focuses on Health
Partnerships and place: Mobilising resources from outside; Senses of Place
Patients rely on their cardiologist to give them accurate information regarding their genetic cardiac disease; 64th Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting and the International Society for Heart Research Australasian Section Annual Scientific Meeting
Personally Arranged Learning Session (PeArL); ANZAHPE - OTTAWA 2016 Joint Conference
Positive Ageing Strategy 2011-2015 A vision and a strategy for positive ageing in the West Tamar
Preparing rural and regional students for the future world of work: Developing authentic career focussed curriculum through a collaborative partnership model; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
Problems with provision: barriers to drinking water quality and public health in rural Tasmania, Australia; Rural and Remote Health Journal
Profile uncovers cancer needs
Putting Health on the Map:Mapping the health & wellbeing needs of the Beaconsfied & North West Community'
Recruitment and retention of International Medical Graduates: The experience of living and working in rural Tasmania; The 20th World Organization of National Colleges, Academies (WONCA) World Conference
Regional communities’ influences on equity participation in higher education
Report of Assessment of St Vincent de Paul Retail Outlets
RIPPER: Interprofessional learning and clinical skills development for health science students; Second International Clinical Skills Conference
RIPPER: Interprofessional learning and clinical skills development for health science students; Focus on health professional education
Rural Interprofessional Program Emergency Retreat (RIPPER): A simulation-enhanced undergraduate rural interprofessional program at the University of Tasmania; A Bright Future for Rural Health: Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Rural and Remote Australian Health Care
Simulation strengthening nursing skills
Social and Economic Benefits of Treated Water for Small Communities Including the Health Impacts of Different Water Qualities on Small Communities
Social and Economic Benefits of Treated Water for Small Communities Including the Health Impacts of Different Water Qualities on Small Communities
Strategy means older residents are high on Council's agenda
Sustaining rural communities – A case study of the benefits of charity retail outlets in rural Tasmania; 2016 SARRAH Conference
Tasmania Medicare Local Social Determinants of Health Project: Thematic Analysis of Community Proposals
The Baby, the Bath Water And the future of IMGs; International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research
The Quality of Life and Social Needs of International Medical Graduates: Emerging Themes in Research; International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research
The RIPPER Experience: A three-year evaluation of an Australian Interprofessional Rural Health Education Pilot; Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education
The rural paramedic in Tasmania an interprofessional approach; Allied Health Professionals Symposium
Turning the Tap: Drinking Water Management and Public Health in Tasmania
Walking Interviews; Handbook of Research Methods in Health Social Sciences
West Tamar Community Health and Wellbeing Mapping Project - Final Report
West Tamar Council - DAS 2011-2015 - A vision and strategy for positive ageing in the West Tamar
West Tamar Council Community Plan 2012-2017
West Tamar Health and Wellbeing Project and Positive Ageing Strategy
‘‘A golden opportunity’’: exploring interprofessional learning and practice in rural clinical settings; Journal of Interprofessional Care

Research Projects

Building Capacity for Undergraduate Inter-Professional Learning: Development and Piloting of an 'Inter-Professional Activities Tool Kit'; Health Workforce Australia (HWA)
Evaluating Engagement with Rethink Autism in Tasmania; Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania (DHHS)
Exploring Interprofessional Practice (IPP) and Learning (IPL) in Rural Clinical Settings; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Food for Thought - A novel clinical pathway for obesity management.; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Informing key influencers of low SES regional, rural and remote students education and career pathway choices: a whole community approach; National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, Curtin University (NCSEHE)
OPtimising HEalth LiterAcy (OPHELIA): A process to address health literacy for Tasmanians with Chronic Disease; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Regional communities influences on equity participation in higher education; National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, Curtin University (NCSEHE)
Assessment of Vinnies Tasmania Retail Outlets
Community Conversations Consultations Consultation
Furneaux Group Community Health Needs Mapping Project
IPhone for Info Project
Kentish CLP Implementation
Kentish local government area community health needs assessment
Kentish Local Government Area Community Learning Plan
Meander Valley Community Needs Assessment
Northern Midlands- Part A Health Needs Assessment
Research and Analysis - Future Options Baptcare Devonport, Tasmanian Study
Rural Community Needs Analysis
Social and economic profiling for small towns
Thematic Analysis of Community Submissions for Social Determinants of Health proposals
West Tamar Council Community Plan
West Tamar Council Health and Wellbeing Mapping Project (2010-2011)

Research Candidate Supervision

Food Security and Insecurity in Older Adults- A Phenomenological Ethnographic Study
Health and Wellbeing of International Medical Graduates- Acculturation into the Tasmanian Rural Context
Inter-Professional Learning (IPL) in Paramedic Practice
Knowledge and Perceptions of Genetic Cardiac Diseases in Tasmania
Staying Connected- Investigating Peer-run Community-based Organisations and their Contribution to Older People's Self-assessed Health and Wellbeing