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Research Report 2006 - Mathematics

Journal Article
Borchard, KLA* and Hewitt, PM* and Wotherspoon, SJ and Scott, AR*, “Australian Vascular Quality of Life Index (Ausviquol): A Pilot Study of a Disease-Specific Quality of Life Measure”, ANZ Journal of Surgery, 76 (4) pp. 208-213. doi:10.1111/j.1445-2197.2006.03697.x ISSN 1445-1433 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Callaghan, T and Forbes, LK, “Computing large-amplitude progressive Rossby waves on a sphere”, Journal of Computational Physics, 217 (2) pp. 845-865. doi:10.1016/j.jcp.2006.01.035 ISSN 0021-9991 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Forbes, LK and Hocking, GC* and Farrow, DE*, “An intrusion layer in stationary incompressible fluids: Part 1: Periodic waves”, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 17 (10.1017/S0956792506006693) pp. 557-575. doi:10.1017/S0956792506006693 ISSN 0956-7925 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Gardner, BJ and Mason, G*, “Single Elements”, Beitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie, 47 (1) pp. 275-288. ISSN 0138-4821 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Lake, SE and Burton, H* and Wotherspoon, SJ, “Movements of adult female Weddell seals during the winter months”, Polar Biology, 29 (4) pp. 270-279. doi:10.1007/s00300-005-0050-0 ISSN 0722-4060 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Lau, KW* and FitzGerald, DG, “Ideal Structure of the Kauffman and Related Monoids”, Communications in Algebra, 34 (7) pp. 2617-2629. doi:10.1080/00927870600651414 ISSN 0092-7872 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Liu, Y* and Kow, F* and Grewal, D* and FitzGerald, DG, “Consumer purchase behaviour for oysters: an empirical study in some state capital cities of Australia”, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 30 (1) pp. 85-94. doi:10.1111/j.1470-6431.2005.00456.x ISSN 1470-6423 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Munro, AIS and Forbes, LK, “Including Ionisation in a Simple Model of Single-bubble Sonoluminescence”, ANZIAM Journal, 47 (3) pp. 333-358. doi:10.1017/S1446181100009871 ISSN 1446-1811 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Olivier, F and Wotherspoon, SJ, “Modelling habitat selection using presence-only data: Case study of a colonial hollow nesting bird, the snow petrel”, Ecological Modelling, 195 (3-4) pp. 187-204. doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2005.10.036 ISSN 0304-3800 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Olivier, F and Wotherspoon, SJ, “Distribution and abundance of Wilson's storm petrels Oceanites oceanicus at two locations in East Antarctica: testing habitat selection models”, Polar Biology, 29 (10) pp. 878-892. doi:10.1007/s00300-006-0127-4 ISSN 0722-4060 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Roberts, JL and Heil, P* and Murray, RJ and Holloway, DS and Bindoff, NL, “Pole relocation for an orthogonal grid: An analytic method”, Ocean Modelling, 12 (1-2) pp. 16-31. doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2005.03.004 ISSN 1463-5003 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Treham, CE and Forbes, LK, “A Comparison of Two- and Three-variable Models for Combustion in Sealed Containers”, Anziam Journal, 47 (4) pp. 527-540. doi:10.1017/S1446181100010117 ISSN 1446-1811 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
While, PT and Forbes, LK and Crozier, S*, “An inverse method for designing loaded RF coils in MRI”, Measurement Science and Technology, 17 (9) pp. 2506-2518. doi:10.1088/0957-0233/17/9/019 ISSN 0957-0233 (2006) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Reaburn, RL, “Methodological Issues in the Investigation of the Relationship Between Particulate Air Pollution and Visits to the Launceston General Hospital Owing to Respiratory Conditions Between 1992 and 2001” (2006) [Masters Research] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.