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Research Report 2007 - Asian Languages and Studies

Journal Article
Allen, PM, “Beyond écriture feminine: desperately seeking a new literary paradigm”, RIMA Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs, 41 (2) pp. 25-40. ISSN 0815-7251 (2007) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Allen, PM, “Paradise on Earth? The Enigmatic Island ”, Famous Reporter, 35 pp. 39-45. ISSN 0819-5978 (2007) [Professional, Non Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Allen, PM, “Challenging Diversity?: Indonesia's Anti-Pornography Bill”, Asian Studies Review, 31 (2) pp. 101-115. doi:10.1080/10357820701373275 ISSN 1035-7823 (2007) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Cote, J* and Aveling, H* and Millie, J* and Fuller, ACS, “Panel Discussion: Henk Maier We are playing relatives”, Rima, 41 (1) pp. 179-204. ISSN 0815-7251 (2007) [Letter or Note in Journal] [Detail]
Gao, MCF, “The Dilemma of Chinese National Culturalism: the Case of the TV Program 'General Shi Lang'”, Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, 4 (1) EJ ISSN 1449-2490 (2007) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Hatley, BL, “Subverting the stereotypes: women performers contest gender images old and new”, Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs, 41 (2) pp. 173-204. ISSN 0815-7251 (2007) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Hatley, BL, “Contemporary and traditional, male and female in Garasi's Waktu Batu”, Indonesia and the Malay World, 35 (101) pp. 93-106. doi:10.1080/13639810701233920 ISSN 1363-9811 (2007) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Tomsa, D, “Jemaah Islamiyah after the Recent Wave of Arrests: How much Danger Remains?”, Sudostasia, XXVI (5) pp. 73-84. ISSN 0722-8821 (2007) [Non Refereed Article] [Detail]
Turner, S* and Allen, PM, “Chinese Indonesians in a rapidly changing nation: Pressures of ethnicity and identity”, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 48 (1) pp. 112-127. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8373.2007.00334.x ISSN 1360-7456 (2007) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
Chapter in Book
Allen, PM and Turner, S*, “Menegosiasi Identitas: Orang Tionghoa di Indonesia Pasca-Suharto”, Drama Indonesia: Ketidakpastian dalam Dunia yang Mengglobal, Gadjah Mada University Press, Geoffrey Hainsworth & Bakti Setiawan (ed), Tahun Terbit, pp. 267-284. ISBN 979-420-643-1 (2007) [Research Book Chapter] [Detail]
Gao, MCF and Liang, M*, “Chinese Print Media Coverage of 9/11 since 2001”, How the world's media reacted to 9/11: essays from around the globe, Marquette Books, Tomasz Pludowski (ed), Washington, pp. 186-205. ISBN 0-922993-66-1 (2007) [Research Book Chapter] [Detail]
Gao, MCF, “The Question of Land: An Alternative Model of Modernity”, Challenges and Policy Programmes of China's New Leadership, City University of Hong Kong Press, Joseph Y S Cheng (ed), Hong Kong, pp. 413-431. ISBN 978-962-937-136-4 (2007) [Research Book Chapter] [Detail]
Hartley, BT, “Competing Historical Perceptions in Japan's Post-war Narratives”, China-Japan Relations in the Twenty-First Century - Creating a Future Past?, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Michael Heazle and Nick Knight (ed), Cheltenham UK, pp. 93-110. ISBN 1847201121 (2007) [Research Book Chapter] [Detail]
Flutsch, M, “Jonathan Zwicker; Practice of Sentimental Imagination”, Japanese Studies, 27 (2) pp. 2. (2007) [Review Single Work] [Detail]
Gao, MCF, “Jiceng wenge nining lu (Grassroots Cultural Revolution) and Renmin wenge lun (Essay on the Cultural Revolution) by Liu Guokai”, The China Journal, 2007 (57) pp. 266-268. (2007) [Review Several Works] [Detail]
Gao, MCF, “Jie Fan, Thomas Heberer, and Wolfgang Taubmann, Rural China: Econmic and Social Change in the Late Twentieth Century”, China Review International, 13 (2) pp. 409-410. (2007) [Review Single Work] [Detail]
Hatley, BL, “Susan Blackburn, Women and the State in Modern Indonesia”, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies , 42 (2) pp. 3. (2006) [Review Single Work] [Detail]
Conference Publication
Wang, Y, “Are We Ready? A Case Study of Technology-enhanced, Collaborative Language Learning”, Proceedings, World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2007, 24-26 October 2007, San Francisco, USA, pp. 499-503. ISBN 978-988-98671-6-4 (2007) [Refereed Conference Paper] [Detail]
Wang, Y, “Intercultural Awareness: Theory in Research”, AARE 2006 Conference Proceedings, 27 Nov - 1 Dec 2006, Adelaide EJ (2007) [Refereed Conference Paper] [Detail]
Wang, Y and Le, T, “Teaching, learning and management: A case study of intercultural communication and education”, AARE 2006 Conference Proceedings, 27-30 November, Adelaide EJ ISSN 1324-9339 (2007) [Refereed Conference Paper] [Detail]
Hatley, BL, “Arts Popular Culture: ”, Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures, Suad Joseph (ed), Netherlands, V, pp. 98 - 103 (2007) [Entry] [Detail]
Other Public Output
Allen, PM, “Ke-Bali-an Putu Wijaya ”, Kompas, Indonesia , 6 Oct (2007) [Newspaper Article] [Detail]
Allen, PM, “Review, Fiction, Emily Maguire The Gospel According to Luke”, Island , Arts Tasmania, Tasmania , 109 (2007) [Magazine Article] [Detail]
Allen, PM, “Ubud writers festival - Indonesian writers receive international exposure”, Inside Indonesia, Indonesia Resources and Information Program (IRIP) Inc., Collingwood Vic., April-June, 89 (2007) [Magazine Article] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.