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Research Report 2011 - Riawunna

Journal Article
Maxwell-Stewart, HJ, “To Fill Dishonoured Graces? Death and Convict Transportation to Colonial Australia”, THRA Papers and Proceedings, 58 (1) pp. 17-32. ISSN 0039-9809 (2011) [Non Refereed Article] [Detail]
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Rolls, M, “The 'Great Australian Silence', the 'Cult of Forgetfulness' and the Hegemony of Memory”, Zeitschrift für Australienstudien, 25 pp. 7-26. ISSN 1617-9900 (2011) [Refereed Article] [Detail]
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Chapter in Book
Aitken, WA, “The Pulp Mill and the Air”, Pulp Friction in Tasmania, Pencil Pine Press, Fred Gale (ed), Launceston, pp. 176-198. ISBN 9780646545783 (2011) [Other Book Chapter] [Detail]
Andersen, C, “Impediments to educational success for Indigenous students”, Two Way Teaching and Learning, ACER Press, Nola Purdie, Gina Milgate, Hannah Rachel Bell (ed), Victoria, pp. 93-104. ISBN 9781742860183 (2011) [Other Book Chapter] [Detail]
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Rolls, M, “Review of Black Politics: Inside the Complexity of Aboriginal Political Culture, by Sarah Maddison, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, 2009”, Journal of Australian Studies, 35 (1) pp. 125-127. (2011) [Review Single Work] [Detail]
Sansom, B, “Review - Sutton, Peter. The Politics of Suffering: Indigenous Australia and the End of Liberal Consensus”, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (N. S.), 17 (2) pp. 417-418. (2011) [Review Single Work] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.