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Research Report 2011 - Visual and Performing Arts

Journal Article
Malor, D, “Conference Summary”, Australian Garden History , 22 (3) pp. 3. ISSN 1033-3673 (2011) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] [Detail]
Malor, D, “Material Engagement: forged steel sculpture by Pete Mattila”, Craft Arts International (82) pp. 58-61. ISSN 1038-846X (2011) [Professional, Non Refereed Article] [Detail]
Major Creative Work
Frankham, N and Bywaters, M, River Effects: Waterways of Tasmania. Exhibition, Ten Days on the Island [Artists: Raymond Arnold, Julie Gough, Leigh Hobba, Donald Lawrence, Geoff Parr, Kevin Perkins, Megan Perkins, Troy Ruffels, Marie Sierra, David Stephenson, Travis Tiddy, Martin Walch and Catherine Woo], University of Tasmania's Academy Gallery Launceston, 11 March - 10 April, and Plimsoll Gallery Hobart, 21 April - 20 May, Tasmania (2011) [Curated Exhibition] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ and Marsden, D and Mason, PL, 'Space Antics' Exhibition, Ten Days on the Island, Burnie Regional Art Gallery (2011) [Other Exhibition] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, Lichenography: imagining landscapes from the river's edge, part of InTEERS Exhibition, Ten Days on the Island 2011, George Town Memorial Hall (2011) [Published Creative Work] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, 'Hills' Edge' Exhibition, Burnie Regional Art Gallery (2008) [Curated Exhibition] [Detail]
Malone, P* and Kaye, A* and Dobinson, J* and Muir Wilson, T* and Finlayson, ML and St Pierre, I* and Tett, A* and Dunsmuir, R* and Abberton, L* and Smith, M* and Prince, MD and Brown, S* and Williams, S* and Nagle, H* and Gair, J* and Vinnicombe, M* and Coote, R* and Schnieder, D* and Sonstegaard, Z* and Meerding, D* and Ancher, SJC and Heffernan, P* and Hancock, E* and Winkler, B* and Byers, C* and Evans, S* and Stojanovski, S* and Seccombe, F* and Pittman, E* and Beaumont, K* and Holtsbaum, N* and Mayben, S* and Muench, L* and Knight, E*, Furnished, Designed Objects Tasmania, Waterside Pavillion, Hobart, 1 (2011) [Curated Exhibition] [Detail]
Sierra, MA, Fluid Dynamics, Sawtooth ARI, Sawtooth (2011) [Other Exhibition] [Full Text] [Detail]
Sierra, MA, Lumenesk, Plimsol Gallery and Academy Gallery, Plimsol Gallery and Academy Gallery (2011) [Published Creative Work] [Detail]
Sierra, MA, Something Nowhere, Inveresk, pp. 1-16 (2011) [Other Exhibition] [Full Text] [Detail]
Other Creative Work
Henderson, SJ, 'Rising Damp', Sosueme Exhibition, Arts Alive, Launceston, pp. 1 (2010) [Representation of Original Art] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, 'Bottom of Gabriel Butress: Cataract Gorge', Brink, the Poimena Art Award 2009 Exhibition, Poimena Art Gallery, Launceston, pp. 1 (2009) [Representation of Original Art] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, 'Rising Damp' and 'The spaces in between' Exhibition, The Basin Cafe, Cataract Gorge, Launceston, pp. 6 (2009) [Representation of Original Art] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, 'Apron slab', Get Staffed! Exhibition, The Powerhouse Gallery, Launceston, pp. 1 (2008) [Representation of Original Art] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, 'Fatman Chimney', Connections Art Exhibition, Scotch Oakburn College, Launceston, pp. 1 (2008) [Representation of Original Art] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, 'Rock on Escape Route: Cataract Gorge', 2008 Tasmanian Art Award Exhibition, Eskleigh Foundation Inc., Perth, Tasmania, pp. 1 (2008) [Representation of Original Art] [Detail]
Malor, D, Intimate mappings (landscape), s.p.a.c.e Gallery, Launceston, pp. 1 (2011) [Catalogue] [Detail]
Sierra, MA, Raquel Ormella 'I Live With Birds': Critical Response, IterationAgain, Tasmania, pp. 2 (2011) [Catalogue] [Full Text] [Detail]
Sierra, MA, Something Nowhere, Academy Gallery, Inveresk, pp. 16 (2011) [Representation of Original Art] [Full Text] [Detail]
Henderson, SJ, “'Constructing vertical visions: Cataract Gorge - a visual exploration of space, place and perception', PhD thesis, University of Tasmania” (2010) [PhD] [Full Text] [Detail]
Quinn, S, “An Alternative Portrait: beyond the physical form” (2011) [Masters Research] [Detail]
Other Public Output
Quinn, S, “Artful Panoply: A Collective Affair by Four Australian Artist Run Initiatives”, WARP Magazine, Tasmania, 1, 3 (2011) [Magazine Article] [Detail]
Sierra, MA, “Tracing the Ebb and Flow of River”, The Examiner, Launceston, 14 December 2011, p. 31. (2011) [Newspaper Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Trenos, HR, “Calling All Tasmanian Theatre Artists: AusStage”, Strata, Independent Publishers Tasmania, Launceston, 3, p. 9. (2011) [Newspaper Article] [Detail]
Trenos, HR, “Intimate theatre way of future”, The Examiner, Launceston, July 20, p. 29. (2011) [Media Interview] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.