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Research Report 2011 - Curriculum and Academic Development

Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Tabart, P* and Skalicky, JL and Watson, JM, “Modelling proportional thinking with threes and twos”, Fractions: Teaching for Understanding, AAMT Inc, Janette Bobis, Jenni Way (ed), Adelaide, pp. 125-132. ISBN 978-1-875900-68-8 (2011) [Other Book Chapter] [Detail]
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Conference Publication
Malau-Aduli, BS and Mulcahy, S and Turner, RC, “On-line examiner training for OSCE”, ANZAHPE, 27-20 June, Alice Springs, pp. 88. ISBN 978-0-9805787-2-0 (2011) [Conference Extract] [Detail]
Skalicky, J and Rogan, S* and Austin, K* and Farrugia, D* and Rosario, V*, “Implementing and sustaining effective Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) programs: Insights into practice”, Proceedings of the 12th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference, Townsville, QLD EJ (2009) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Skalicky, J, “Retention and professional development of PASS Leaders”, 2009 National PASS Forum, 30 September, University of Melbourne (2009) [Plenary Presentation] [Detail]
Skalicky, J, “Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS): A leadership pathway and its contribution to the development of the generic attributes of graduates”, 2008 National PASS Forum, 30 September, University of Sydney (2008) [Plenary Presentation] [Detail]
Skalicky, JL and Atkins, L and Saggers, C, “Embedding Peer Learning Principles into PASS Leader development: The UTAS PASS Mentor role”, Concurrent Workshops, 6th National PASS Forum, 29 September, 2010, Griffith University, Gold Coast EJ (2010) [Conference Extract] [Detail]
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Whitsed, C* and Colbeck, D, “A tale of two cities: Implementing a developmental approach to academic integrity in two Australian universities”, Proceedings 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity, 26-28 Sept, University of Western Australia, pp. 127-137. (2011) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Other Public Output
Skalicky, JL, “Media Interview”, Breakfast Radio, (Penny Terry), ABC Launceston, Australia, 13 July (2010) [Media Interview] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.