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Research Report 2016 - Land and Food

Journal Article
Aida, N* and Sasidhran, S* and Kamarudin, N* and Aziz, N and Puan, CL* and Azhar, B*, “Woody trees, green space and park size improve avian biodiversity in urban landscapes of Peninsular Malaysia”, Ecological Indicators, 69 pp. 176-183. doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2016.04.025 ISSN 1470-160X (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Ghazali, A* and Asmah, S* and Syafiq, M* and Yahya, MS* and Aziz, N and Tan, LP* and Norhisham, AR* and Puan, CL* and Turner, EC* and Azhar, B*, “Effects of monoculture and polyculture farming in oil palm smallholdings on terrestrial arthropod diversity”, Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology, 19 (2) pp. 415-421. doi:10.1016/j.aspen.2016.04.016 ISSN 1226-8615 (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Hingston, AB and Wotherspoon, SJ, “Introduced social bees reduce nectar availability during the breeding season of the swift parrot (Lathamus discolor)”, Pacific Conservation Biology, 23 (1) pp. 52-62. doi:10.1071/PC16025 ISSN 1038-2097 (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Roodposhti, MS and Aryal, J and Shahabi, H* and Safarrad, T*, “Fuzzy Shannon entropy: a hybrid GIS-based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping method”, Entropy, 18 (10) Article e18100343. doi:10.3390/e18100343 ISSN 1099-4300 (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Ruse, K and Bridle, K and Davison, A, “Exploring human-horse relationships in Australian thoroughbred jumps racing”, Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, 15 pp. 95-95. ISSN 1558-7878 (2016) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] [Full Text] [Detail]
Sasidhran, S* and Adila, N* and Hamdan, MS* and Samantha, LD* and Aziz, N and Kamarudin, N* and Puan, CL* and Turner, E* and Azhar, B*, “Habitat occupancy patterns and activity rate of native mammals in tropical fragmented peat swamp reserves in Peninsular Malaysia”, Forest Ecology and Management, 363 pp. 140-148. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2015.12.037 ISSN 0378-1127 (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Syafiq, M* and Nur Atiqah, AR* and Ghazali, A* and Asmah, S* and Yahya, MS* and Aziz, N and Puan, CL* and Azhar, B*, “Responses of tropical fruit bats to monoculture and polyculture farming in oil palm smallholdings”, Acta Oecologica, 74 pp. 11-18. doi:10.1016/j.actao.2016.06.005 ISSN 1146-609X (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Trang, TT and Glen, M and Eyles, A and Ratkowsky, D and Beadle, C and Mohammed, C, “Quantifying stem discoloration and decay following pruning and thinning an Acacia hybrid plantation”, Forest Pathology, 47 (2) Article e12312. doi:10.1111/efp.12312 ISSN 1439-0329 (2017) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Wang, F and Chen, Z-H* and Liu, X* and Colmer, TD* and Zhou, M and Shabala, S, “Tissue-specific root ion profiling reveals essential roles of the CAX and ACA calcium transport systems in response to hypoxia in Arabidopsis”, Journal of Experimental Botany, 67 (12) pp. 3747-3762. doi:10.1093/jxb/erw034 ISSN 0022-0957 (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Zhang, X and Zhou, G* and Shabala, S and Koutoulis, A and Shabala, L and Johnson, P and Li, C* and Zhou, M, “Identification of aerenchyma formation-related QTL in barley that can be effective in breeding for waterlogging tolerance”, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 129 (6) pp. 1167-1177. doi:10.1007/s00122-016-2693-3 ISSN 0040-5752 (2016) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Manusco, S* and Shabala, S, Rhythms in Plants: Dynamic Responses in a Dynamic Environment, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 405. ISBN 9783319205168 (2015) [Edited Book] [Full Text] [Detail]
Chapter in Book
Ellison, JC and Cannicci, S*, “Impacts and effects of ocean warming on mangrove species and ecosystems”, Explaining Ocean Warming: Causes, Scale, Effects and Consequences, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), D Laffoley and JM Baxter (ed), Gland, Switzerland, pp. 135-146. ISBN 9782831718064 (2016) [Research Book Chapter] [Full Text] [Detail]
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Stanley, R and Jackson, E and Crispin, S and Wong, T and Lewis, G and Xi, A* and Burbury, M*, Asian Export of Branded King Island Wallaby: Stage One Proof of Concept, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) Agricultural Policy Branch, Australia (2015) [Contract Report] [Full Text] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.