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Research Report 2017 - Curriculum and Academic Development

Journal Article
Backhouse, K and Wickham, M, “Exploring the link between corporate governance and innovative capacity in the Australian superannuation industry”, Corporate Ownership & Control, 14 (4) Article 3. doi:10.22495/cocv14i4art3 ISSN 1727-9232 (2017) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C, “Building capacity for open educational practices in Australian higher education”, Zhongguo Yuancheng Jiaoyu (China Distance Education), 2017 (9) pp. 35-44. ISSN 1009-458X (2017) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C, “Pacific leaders in open, online and distance learning”, Journal of Learning for Development, 4 (1) pp. 12-22. ISSN 2311-1550 (2017) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] [Full Text] [Detail]
Carbone, A* and Evans, J* and Ross, B* and Drew, S and Phelan, L* and Lindsay, K* and Cottman, C* and Stoney, S* and Ye, J*, “Assessing distributed leadership for learning and teaching quality: a multi-institutional study”, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 39 (2) pp. 183-196. doi:10.1080/1360080X.2017.1276629 ISSN 1360-080X (2017) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Fredericks, B* and Daniels, C* and Bainbridge, R* and Clapham, K* and Longbottom, M* and Adams, M* and Andersen, C and Ball, R* and Bessarab, D* and Collard, L* and Martin, K* and Harald, P* and Crook, L* and Judd, J*, “Research collaborative scholarly creative writing: two poems about quantitative research and two about qualitative research”, Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues, 20 (4) pp. 2-11. ISSN 1440-5202 (2017) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] [Full Text] [Detail]
Nash, R and Thompson, W* and Stupans, I* and Lau, ETL* and Santos, JMS* and Brown, N and Nissen, LM* and Chalmers, L, “CPD aligned to competency standards to support quality practice”, Pharmacy, 5 (1) Article 12. doi:10.3390/pharmacy5010012 ISSN 2226-4787 (2017) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Osborne, J and Dibben, M, “Over the edge of the wild: lessons of discovery through developing transdisciplinary (breadth) units in blended courses”, Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 21 (1) pp. 25-34. ISSN 1179-7673 (2017) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Stratev, D* and Odeyemi, OA and Pavlov, A* and Kyuchukova, R* and Fatehi, F and Bamidele, FA*, “Food safety knowledge and hygiene practices among veterinary medicine students at Trakia University, Bulgaria”, Journal of Infection and Public Health, 10 (6) pp. 778-782. doi:10.1016/j.jiph.2016.12.001 ISSN 1876-0341 (2017) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Warren, VSL, “Using workforce structures to enable staff retention and development: An academic library case study”, New Library World: charting new developments, 112 (1/2) pp. 8-18. doi:10.1108/03074801111100427 ISSN 0307-4803 (2011) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Fredericks, B* and Daniels, C* and Judd, J* and Bainbridge, R* and Clapham, K* and Longbottom, M* and Adams, M* and Bessarab, D* and Collard, L* and Andersen, Clair and Duthie, D* and Ball, R*, Gendered Indigenous Health and Wellbeing within the Australian Health System: A Review of the Literature, CQ University, Australia, pp. 66. ISBN 978-1-921047-30-5 (2017) [Authored Other Book] [Full Text] [Detail]
Chapter in Book
Green, WJ and Ruutz, A* and Houghton, L* and Hibbins, R*, “Enabling stories: narrative, leadership, learning and identity in a faculty-based teaching community of practice”, Implementing Communities of Practice in Higher Education: Dreamers and Schemers, Springer Nature Singapore Pty Ltd, J McDonald, A Cater-Steel (ed), Singapore, pp. 159-181. ISBN 978-981-10-2865-6 (2017) [Research Book Chapter] [Full Text] [Detail]
Wickham, MD and Backhouse, KM, “Corporate governance in Australia”, Corporate Governance: New Challenges and Opportunities, Virtus Interpress, AN Kostyuk, U Braendle and V Capizzi (ed), Ukraine, pp. 73-86. ISBN 978-617-7309-00-9 (2017) [Research Book Chapter] [Full Text] [Detail]
Conference Publication
Alahmadi, T* and Drew, S, “Subjective evaluation of website accessibility and usability: a survey for people with sensory disabilities”, Proceedings of the W4A'17 International Web for All Conference, 2-4 April 2017, Perth, Australia, pp. 1-4. ISBN 978-1-4503-4900-0 (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Booth, S, “A cost-effective solution for external referencing of accredited courses of study”, Proceedings of the Second Annual TEQSA Conference, 29 November-1 December 2017, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 1-24. (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Booth, S, “Peer review portal: Supporting higher education networks: A vehicle to support, connect and advance the sector in peer review”, Assessment and Review Summit Program Notes, 19-20 September 2017, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 6. (2017) [Plenary Presentation] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C, “Capacity building for OEP in Australian HE”, OE Global Conference 2017 Program, 8-10 March 2017, Cape Town, South Africa, pp. 1. (2017) [Keynote Presentation] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C and Meier, M*, “Southern Hemisphere Open Educational Practices: a comparative analysis between Australia and Brazil”, OE Global Conference 2017 Program, 8-10 March 2017, Cape Town, South Africa, pp. 1. (2017) [Conference Extract] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C and Stagg, A*, “The need for Open Educational Practices policies to transform Australian higher education”, Proceedings of the 2017 ODLAA conference, 5-7 February 2017, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 1. (2017) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C, “Educação Aberta: Perspectivas internacionais e da Australia (Open Education: Australian and International Perspectives)”, Adesão de instituições do Paraná ao Programa Paranaense de Práticas e Recursos Educacionais Abertos, 8 June 2016, Curitiba, Paraná, pp. 1. (2016) [Keynote Presentation] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C and Fountain, W, “Capacity-building for the adoption of OEP in higher education”, Open Education Global Conference 2015 Program, 22-24 April 2015, Banff, Alberta, Canada, pp. 1. (2015) [Conference Extract] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C and Brown, M* and Bull, D*, “Reporting the evidence: opportunities and challenges of OER adoption in Australia”, 25th ICDE World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education - Programme, 16-18 October 2013, Tianjin, China, pp. 1-10. (2013) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, CM and Willems, J*, “OER based capacity building to overcome staff equity and access issues in higher education”, Proceedings ASCILITE2017: 34th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education, 4-6 December 2017, Toowoomba, Australia, pp. 22-26. (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Brown, N and Padgett, L and Bossu, C, “Open access education at the University of Tasmania: MOOCs and beyond”, INTED2015 Proceedings, 2-4 March 2015, Madrid, Spain, pp. 2054-2061. ISBN 978-84-606-5763-7 (2015) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Fischer, S and Green, WJ, “Internationalisation of education at a mid-size, regional university in Australia: Understanding context and rationales”, Programme of ECER 2017, 22-25 August 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark, pp. 2306C. (2017) [Conference Extract] [Full Text] [Detail]
Fitzallen, N and Brown, N and Biggs, JB and Tang, Catherine, “Students' perceptions of constructive alignment: validation of a data collection instrument”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2017, 1-2 February 2017, Kuala Terengganu, pp. 19. (2017) [Plenary Presentation] [Full Text] [Detail]
Green, WJ and Hammer, S* and Stephens, R*, “Embedding graduate skills into a first year management course: Theory, practice and reflection”, Critical Visions, Proceedings of the 29th HERDSA Annual Conference, 10-12 July 2006, Perth, Western Australia, pp. 131-137. ISBN 0 908557 69 8 (2006) [Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
King, C and Carew, TP and O'Mara, A and Gibson, N and King, C and Carvosso, A, “Quality online spaces: Bringing MOOC technology to MyLO”, Teaching Matters, 2014, Hobart, Tasmania (2014) [Conference Extract] [Full Text] [Detail]
Marlow, A and Saunders, CIM, “Development of an online work integrated learning (WIL) survey tool to measure, evaluate and enhance the quality of students’ WIL experiences”, Webinar - ACEN Research Snapshots, 24 May 2017, online (2017) [Conference Extract] [Full Text] [Detail]
Marlow, AH and Kenny, JP and Bull, R and Sheldon, B and Green, WJ, “Developing a collaborative partnership model to facilitate successful WIL outcomes for students, staff and industry stakeholders”, NZACE International Conference, 26 -28 April, 2017, Queenstown, New Zealand (2017) [Plenary Presentation] [Full Text] [Detail]
Padgett, L and Wright, R* and Bossu, C and Whitehead, D*, “Enabling open education in Australia by supporting open licensing decisions”, Proceedings of the 2017 ODLAA conference, 5-7 February 2017, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 1. (2017) [Conference Extract] [Full Text] [Detail]
Padgett, L and Warren, V and Bossu, C, “Sharing learning resources to meet Teaching Performance Expectations: an institutional significance project”, Teaching Matters 2014 Program, 2‐3 December 2014, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, pp. 52. (2014) [Conference Extract] [Full Text] [Detail]
Pullen, D and Collette, S and F, J, “Post-graduate student grades and unit evaluation: is there a relationship between student unit feedback and their final unit grade?”, Proceedings of the 2017 Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference, 26-30 November 2017, Canberra, Australia, pp. 1-20. (2017) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Saunders, CIM and Marlow, AH, “Assuring quality work-integrated learning experiences: A multi-disciplinary, student-centred approach”, NZACE International Conference, 26 - 28 April, 2017, Queenstown, New Zealand (2017) [Plenary Presentation] [Full Text] [Detail]
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Booth, S and Read, S, Benchmarking course approval, accreditation, review and third party arrangements: Final report, University of Tasmania, Australia (2017) [Contract Report] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C, Framework for Open Education at Swinburne University of Technology, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia (2015) [Consultants Report] [Full Text] [Detail]
Other Public Output
Bossu, C, “Open Education Award for Excellence 2017”, OEL Toolkit, Open Education Consortium (2017) [Award] [Full Text] [Detail]
Bossu, C and Stagg, A*, “Open Education and the Australian Context”, The Other Fifty Weeks: An Open Educational Practice Podcast, Australia, Episode 1 (2016) [Media Interview] [Full Text] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.