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Researcher: Pakulski, J (Professor Jan Pakulski)

Fields of Research

Social change
Sociological methodology and research methods
Political theory and political philosophy
Social theory
International relations
Political science
Australian history
Preventative health care
Conservation and biodiversity
Cultural studies
Other environmental sciences
Comparative government and politics
Australian government and politics
Other Indigenous studies
Environmental sociology
Social policy
Globalisation and culture
Applied statistics
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sociology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Social class and inequalities
Government and politics
International relations
Political systems
Pacific Peoples community services
Citizenship and national identity
Library and archival services
Other culture and society
International political economy (excl. international trade)
Other environmental management
Multicultural services
Environmental ethics
Other health
Work and labour market
Understanding Australia's past
Electoral systems
Professions and professionalisation
Public services policy advice and analysis
Civics and citizenship
Expanding knowledge in the mathematical sciences
Socio-cultural issues in tourism

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Problemy ze wspolczesna demokracja' (Problems with modern democracy); Zoon Politikon
Anti-Elitism as Political Strategy; Us and Them - Anti-Elitism in Australia
Australian Multiculturalism; Kultura i Polityka
Australijski Program Wielokulturowosci; Biuletyn Migracyjny
Book Review: M.Kennedy (ed) Envisioning Eastern Europe: Postcommunist Cultural Studies; The British Journal of Sociology
Book Reviews; International Sociology
Central European Elites in the Crisis; Political Elites in the Transatlantic Crisis
Cirkulatsya politicheskich elit (Circulation of political elites); Politicheskiye Issledovania
Civic Identity in Australia; Australian Journal of Social Issues
Civic, national and denizen identity in Australia; Journal of Sociology
Class and Politics; Polish Sociological Review
Complex Inequality
Confusions about multiculturalism; Journal of Sociology
Cultural Citizenship; Citizenship Studies
Cyrkulacja elit politycznych: od lisow do lwow; Studia Socjologiczne
Do Ruling Elites Degenerate? American and British Elites Through Pareto's Lens; International Journal of Comparative Sociology
Ebbing of the Green Tide? Environmentalism, Public Opinion and the Media in Australia; School of Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania
Elite and leadership change in liberal democracies; Comparative Sociology
Elite and Leadership Change in Liberal Democracies (2007); Historical Social Research
Elite and Leadership Changes in Liberal Democracies; Elites: New Comparative Perspectives
Elite Degeneration and Economic Crisis; Political Elites in Old and New Democracies
Elite Power Games and Democratic Consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe (1999); Historical Social Research
Elite Power Games and Democratic Politics in Central and Eastern Europe; Democratic and Capitalist Transitions in Eastern Europe
Elite Theory and Research in Postcommunist Societies; The Second Generation of Democratic Elites in Central and Eastern Europe
Elite Theory versus Marxism: The Twentieth Century's Verdict; Elites after State Socialism - Theories and Analysis
Elite Theory versus Marxism: The Twentieth Century's Verdict (2000); Historical Social Research
Elite Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe; Australian Journal of Political Science
Elitelmélet a marxizmus után; SZ ZADV G [Society]
Elites in the Study of Consolidated Democracy; Power and Social Structure Essays in honor of Wlodzimierz Wesolowski
Elites, Ethnic Mobilizations and Democracy in Post-Communist Europe; Elites, Minorities and Economic Growth
Elites, Institutions and Democratisation in Russia and Eastern Europe; Elites and Leadership in Russian Politics
Environmental Concerns in Australia: Their Structure and Social Location; Ebbing of the Green Tide? Environmentalism, Public Opinion and the Media in Australia
Environmentalism and social differentiation: a paper in memory of Steve Crook; Journal of Sociology
Force to the Fore: Political Elites in the Post-9/11 World; Szazadveg
Foundations of a post-class analysis; Approaches to Class Analysis
Functional Theory of Stratification
Global Elites; The Routledge International Handbook of Globalization Studies
Global elites; The Routledge International Handbook of Globalization Studies
Globalisation, immigration and multiculturalism – the European and Australian experiences; Journal of Sociology
Globalisation, power and social movements; Public Sociology: Introduction to Australian Society
Globalisation, power and social movements; Public Sociology
Globalising Inequalities; Allen & Unwin
Historical Social Research; Historical Social Research
Introduction: John Higley's work on elite foundations of social theory and politics; Historical Social Research
Jameson, Fredric
Jeux de pouvoir des élites et consolidation de la démocratie en Europe centrale et orientale; Revue Francaise de Science Politique
Leadership Trends in Advanced Democracies; Sociology Compass
Lenski, Gerhard
Lipset, Seymour Martin
Lockwood, David
Lyotard, Jean-François
Mass Movements and Plebiscitary Democracy: Political Change in Central Eastern Europe; International Sociology
Mass Social Movements and Social Class; New Actors and New Agendas: Social Movements and Social Classes Today
Misreading status as class: A reply to our critics; Theory and Society
National Integrity, Elites and Democracy: Russia and China Compared; The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics
Neoliberalism, Inequality and Politics: The Changing Face of Australia; The Australian Journal of Social Issues
Ossowski, Stanislaw
Pareto's Theory of Elite Cycles: A Reconsideration and Application; Vilfredo Pareto: Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries
Party Systems and Elites in Post-Communist Europe; Handbook of Global Political Policy
Poland and Ukraine: Elite Transformations and Prospects for Democracy; 2nd Conference Ukrainian Studies Association of Australia
Polish Migrants and Organizations in Australia; Cosmopolitan Civil Societies
Polskosc Jagiellonska w Australii; WIEZ
Postcommunist Elites and Democracy in Eastern Europe; Macmillan Press Ltd
Postmodern Theory
Putin's elite and the legacies of Soviet quasi-modernisation in contemporary Russia; Transcultural Studies
Recording of Round Table on Ukraine
Ruling Elite Transitions in Australia and the United States; How Power Changes Hands: Transition and Succession in Government
Shades of Green: Public Opinion on Environmental Issues in Australia; Australian Journal of Political Science
Sidney Tarrow, Power in Movement: Social Movements, Collective Action and Politics; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology
Social Equality and Inequality
Social Equality and Inequality
Social Inequality and Conflict Beyond Class: Developments in Contemporary China; Asian Social Science
Social Status
Social stratification
Special issue: Migration and Multiculturalism: Australia and Europe: Journal of Sociology; Journal of Sociology
State violence and the eliticide in Poland, 1935-49; Violence and the state
The Breakthrough: Polish elections in June 1989; Humanities Research
The Death of Class; SAGE
The Decline of Political Leadership in Australia? Changing Recruitment and Careers of Federal Politicians; Palgrave Macmillan
The dying of class or of Marxist class theory?; Conflicts About Class
The Dynamics of Environmental Issues in Australia: Concerns, Clusters and Carriers; Australian Journal of Political Science
The Persistence of Postcommunist Elites; Journal of Democracy
The Persistence of Postcommunist Elites; Democracy after Communism
The reshaping and dissolution of social class in advanced society; Theory and Society
The Solidarity Decade 1980-1989: An Australian Perspective; Humanities Research
The Solidarity Decade in Eastern Europe, 1980-1989: An Australian perspective; Humanities Research
The Solidarity Decade: 1980-1989; Humanities Research
The standing of the ANZJS; The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology
The Weberian foundations of modern elite theory and democractic elitism; Historical Social Research
Toward Leader Democracy; Anthem Press
Towards Leader Democracy?; Public Leadership: Perspectives and Practices
Violence and the State; University of Manchester Press

Research Projects

2012: IPSA World Congress, Spain, 8 to 12 July 2012; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Changing Political Careers in Australia; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Environmentalism, public opinion and the media: social, cultural and institutional dimensions of 'new politics' in Australia; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Supplementary Funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The decline of class: an assessment of the future of social inequality and conflict in Australia; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The impact of class: changing social inequality, identity and conflict in Australia; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

A comparative analysis of wildlife tourism
Access to power- the organisational structure of the wilderness conservation and anti-nuclear movements in Australia
Citizenship Rights and Housing Tenure
Disciplinary Rhetorics and Fractal Orderings
Elite Democracy- Political Competition and Voter Opinion in the 2010 Australian Federal Election
Environmental organisations in Australia
Environmentalism and the new politics-- the apparent rise of an anti-green social movement
Evaluation of a group program working with children & non-abusive parents who have observed & experienced domestic violence
Identity construction, social class and conspicious consumption
Intergenerational Mobility in Australia¿s Labour Market
Medical understandings of lifestyle
Mental Health Policy- A comparative analysis
Occupational health and safety- a comparative study
One Equal Eternity- From Ethnic to Civic Identity- The European Experience
Political Elites' Crafting and Manipulating Village Democracy
Populist Discourse- An Adornian Rhetorical Analysis of the Emotional Appeal of Pauline Hanson's One Nation
Social Barriers to Recycling- A Sociological Study
Social movements (political sociology)
Sociology of information
Tasmanian Green Party and the Environmental Debate.
The Exhaustion of Progressive Aboriginal Governance
The Perceptual Bases of Environmentalism - The Tasmanian Experience
The Proxy Principle- Building bodies, body politics and warmaking in the world-as-text
The Republican Push- Sociological study of a political reform
The Social Distribution of Internet Use in Australia- A Case Study
Unity in Diversity- A Sociological Study of the Australian Republican Movement
Women in politics- A comparative study of Australia and Taiwan.
Youth at Risk