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Research Report 2011 - Physics

Journal Article
Batista, V* and Gould, A* and Dieters, S* and Dong, S* and Bond, I* and Beaulieu, JP and Maoz, D* and Monard, B* and Christie, GW* and McCormick, J* and Albrow, MD* and Horne, K* and Tsapras, Y* and Burgdorf, MJ* and Calchi Novati, S* and Skottfelt, J* and Caldwell, J* and Kozlowski, S* and Kubas, D* and Gaudi, BS* and Han, C* and Bennett, DP* and An, J* and Abe, F* and Botzler, CS* and Douchin, D* and Freeman, M* and Fukui, A* and Furusawa, K* and Hearnshaw, JB* and Hosaka, S* and Itow, Y* and Kamiya, K* and Kilmartin, PM* and Korpela, A* and Lin, W* and Ling, CH* and Makita, S* and Masuda, K* and Matsubara, Y* and Miyake, N* and Muraki, Y* and Nagaya, M* and Nishimoto, K* and Ohnishi, K* and Okumura, T* and Perrott, YC* and Rattenbury, N* and Saito, To* and Sullivan, DJ* and Sumi, T* and Sweatman, WL* and Tristram, PJ* and von Seggern, E* and Yock, PCM* and Brillant, S* and Calitz, JJ* and Cassan, A* and Cole, A and Cook, K* and Coutures, C* and Dominis Prester, D* and Donatowicz, J* and Greenhill, J and Hoffman, M* and Jablonski, F* and Kane, SR* and Kains, N* and Marquette, JB* and Martin, R* and Martioli, E* and Meintjes, P* and Menzies, J* and Pedretti, E* and Pollard, K* and Sahu, KC* and Vinter, C* and Wambsganss, J* and Watson, R* and Williams, A* and Zub, M* and Allen, W* and Bolt, G* and Bos, M* and DePoy, DL* and Drummond, J* and Eastman, JD* and Gal-Yam, A* and Gorbikov, E* and Higgins, D* and Janczak, J* and Kaspi, S* and Lee, CU* and Mallia, F* and Maury, A* and Monard, LAG* and Moorhouse, D* and Morgan, N* and Natusch, T* and Ofek, EO* and Park, BG* and Pogge, RW* and Polishook, D* and Santallo, R* and Shporer, A* and Spector, O* and Thornley, G* and Yee, JC* and Bozza, V* and Browne, P* and Dominik, M* and Dreizler, S* and Finet, F* and Glitrup, M* and Grundahl, F* and Harpsoe, K* and Hessman, FV* and Hinse, TC* and Hundertmark, M* and Jorgensen, UG* and Liebig, C* and Maier, G* and Mancini, L* and Mathiasen, M* and Rahvar, S* and Ricci, D* and Scarpetta, G* and Southworth, J* and Surdej, J* and Zimmer, F* and Allan, A* and Bramich, DM* and Snodgrass, C* and Steele, IA* and Street, RA*, “MOA-2009-BLG-387Lb: a massive planet orbiting an M dwarf”, Astronomy and Astrophysics: A European Journal, 529 Article A102. doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201016111 ISSN 0004-6361 (2011) [Refereed Article] [Full Text] [Detail]
Conference Publication
Cesetti, M* and Held, EV* and Gullieuszik, M* and Rizzi, L* and Battaglia, G* and Cole, AA and Da Costa, G* and Mateo, M* and Olszewski, E* and Tolstoy, E* and Walker, M*, “Disentangling the stellar populations of Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal”, Proceedings of CRAL2010: A Universe of Dwarf Galaxies, 14-18 June 2010, LYON, France, pp. 69-70. (2011) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]
Crnojevic, D* and Grebel, E* and Cole, AA and Koch, A* and Rejkuba, M* and Da Costa, G* and Jerjen, H*, “Dwarf galaxies beyond our doorstep: the Centaurus A group”, Proceedings of CRAL2010: A Universe of Dwarf Galaxies, 14-18 June 2010, Lyon, France, pp. 1-7. (2011) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] [Full Text] [Detail]

* This author is not affiliated with the University of Tasmania.